Saturday, 20 February 2016

MIke Bravo Miniatures: 28mm COIN Toms

HWhen I conceptualised Winter of '79, there really was very little in the way of suitable miniatures available. Maff and I had to scratch together forces from partial Cold War ranges, namely Platoon 20 and Britannia Miniatures. Together with old ex Hotspur Urban Operations figures mostly bought in dribs and drabs from eBay.

If it hadn't been for a plentiful and readily available supply of Airfix/JB Models Cold War British vehicles suitable for our tabletop vision of Saracens on the streets of Thatcherite Britain, the whole idea may have withered on the vine.

If that was hard, getting our hands on decent 28mm figures was even harder. Mongrel Miniatures' excellent BAOR British infantry had effectively disappeared from the market, leaving Gripping Beast's partial MoFo Falklands range as the only source of 70's/early 80's soldiery.

So, needless to say, I'm delighted that the interest in 70's TV inspired games together with a growth in the appreciation of 70s/80s Cold War and urban conflicts has spawned a whole new range of 28mm miniatures not only suitable for Winter of '79, but created with Winter of '79 in mind.

4 British Infantry with '58 webbing, flak vests,
SLR (patrolling poses) PLUS 1 x Firing Pose 

Dan at Mike Bravo Miniatures has sculpted some really great Toms with SLRs in typical urban COIN dress at £10.00 and available for pre-order now along with a pack of masked para-militaries. Suddenly, 28mm W'79 is Red ON, Green ON, GO!

Gripping Beast 28mm MOFO & Mongrel Rebels
testing out with OO scale shops



  1. I think I'll stick with my mix of elheim and liberation 1/72 scale stuff - but I'm glad to see that the 28mm lads are getting a look in.

  2. Did you look at RH Models? They have had quite an extensive range of 20mm figures for a long time. I have some armed civilian types from Rolf that fit the bill

  3. Hi Al. Thanks for the suggestion. Pop a search in for Liberation in the sidebar search tool and you'll find 10 pages of results from this blog.

  4. They look nice but I think I will stick to 20mm. I still have quite a few of figs that Eureka made for me.