Thursday, 20 August 2015

Winter of '79 Urban Camo Land Rover Cheat!

A quick and easy cheat for you if you want to get into Winter of '79 with little fuss is this Oxford diecast Land Rover Defender in Berlin urban camo scheme.

The Defender went into production in 1983 but the demands of conflict may have seen it brought out sooner. For some of you a Land Rover is a Land Rover and it won't matter anyway.

Being hard top it makes a great proxy for an armoured Land Rover. A bit of wire mesh on the windows, headlights etc - job done. Yes, I know the spare tyre should go on the roof but it leaves an unsightly indentation in the bonnet. Let's go into 'squint' mode and say it's a rush job by the local REME to meet the huge demand for internal security vehicles.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Land Rovers from Heaven

The most prevalent vehicle in any Winter of '79 scenario set in the UK or beyond has to be the iconic Lannie. Sean over at S&S Models ( has released a whole clutch of Lannies to augment your Winter of '79 forces!

From open and soft top 109s, FFR (Fitted For Radio) 1 tonne FC and radio wagon to ambulance, Recce and airportable 1/2 ton Recces. All there ready in the online shop for your government or rebel vehicle park.

The bobby basic Lannies are £7.50 and Recce wagons £11.00, which includes crew, weapons and stowage.  Hop over to and check them out.

Matt at Elheim has BAOR vehicle crew as does Rolf of RH Models but Rolf also has some Urban Meltdown armed civvies with SLRs to crew these beauties.


Monday, 17 August 2015

A Political Scalpel - 'All Gas and Gaiters' AAR

Excerpts from BBC ‘Panorama’ programme, ‘A Political Scalpel’, August 1989

Trooper, anyway, we had three teams going in, Sword, Dagger and Shield. I was with Sword. Our job was to go in, create a lot of noise and find the hostages; whilst Shield held the exfil location and Dagger went for the primary Tangos. Anyway, in we go, it’s all going nicely, then Tony, the new bod, calls in that he’s made contact and tries to chuck a frag grenade into a room ahead of us, except he muffs it, the grenade bounces off a door frame and goes off in the bloody room we’re in! Luckily, no one was hurt, but it all kicked off from there.  By now, we’d confirmed that there were two hostages in the room and about four Tangos.

 Sword Team: Tony initiates the action

The Brixton Popular Front guards

After we exchanged fire with some of the BPF foot soldiers, Clive stepped forward, told Tony what he thought of him in no uncertain terms, and lobbed a flash bang into the same room. Off it went, managing to take out all the Tangos and wounding the Para hostage, whats-is-name, Smiffy. Needless to say, we went in hard, double taps all round for the downed fellers, and got the lads out, job done…

Hostages rescued by Sword Team

Trooper K: The lads in Sword were making a hell of a row, exactly as planned. Meanwhile, we were moving through the dark, deserted corridors and rooms of the community centre, heading for where we thought the Politburo Tangos would be located. We soon found ourselves at the exit from the caretaker’s room, and then back out into the warm night air. The raucous sounds of the Popular Front meeting in the local boozer meant that you couldn’t really hear anything else, so Shield were able to stick by the skips they were using as cover.

 Dagger Team head for main foyer

BFP in main foyer

As we approached the main doors, Mike spotted one of the primaries inside the well-lit centre, old ‘Afro Bob’ himself. It as around this time that a tango in the window opened up on us with his AK74 and Colly got hit as he headed that way. With no real cover to speak of, we just opened fire and waded our way through the tide of lead, using grenades, 9mm and 12-gauge rounds and sheer guts to take us to the main door. Although the Skipper went down, we made it to within sight of the primaries and expended every grenade we had left, backed up by concentrated MP5 and shotgun rounds, into the foyer. Needless to say, the carnage was complete, with all tangoes neutralized, both primaries and secondaries. By this time, the curtains and furnishings in the foyer were ablaze and the whole thing was spreading quite rapidly, with the whole centre itself becoming engulfed. As the people in the Dog and Duck came running over, we faded into the background, job done, heading out to the pick-up point. And no one was any the wiser…

5 Minutes in, all Tangos down!
Home for Jaffa Cakes and Tea

This interview took place during the Parliamentary Investigation into the ‘Loughborough Estate Massacre’, as the event became known. The events that night led to the fragmentation of the Brixton Popular Front. Stripped of a single, coherent leadership, each faction blamed the other for the massacre and began infighting. As a consequence, members of the Parachute Regiment working in concert with the Metropolitan Police easily subdued the area. The crackdown continued for many weeks. At no time did anyone make the link to the use of Special Forces, until the discovery of the ‘Thatcher Tapes’ in 1987. 

Wayne Bollands

 Apologies for delay in publishing. I sliced top off forefinger removing some plastic Perry Mahdists from sprue.....

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Operation ‘All Gas And Gaiters’

Having left the backup vehicle, the three teams of heavily armed men flitted across the pub car park like phantoms. Even if they had made any noise, it would have been drowned out by the sounds of speech making and excited responses coming from the BPF meeting in the back room of the ‘Dog and Duck’, a known haunt of Brixton Popular Front supporters. 

Sword Team took cover behind a Ford Capri Mk.II and readied their silenced weapons. Meanwhile, Shield and Dagger Teams took up covering positions. A Sword Trooper moved slowly forwards, stalking the sentry in front of the fire exit. As the BPF member paused to re-light his suspiciously large cigarette, the Trooper made his move, plunging his Sykes-Fairbairn dagger up and into the target’s skull through his neck. The sentry fell without a sound, his descent controlled by the encircling arm of the soldier. The same arm was also able to secure the AK-74 the sentry had been carrying.

Moving rapidly, all the teams approached the building. Shield Team took up position to preserve the exfiltration route whilst Sword and Dagger entered the building via the unguarded fire door. So far, no one had spoken, the arch professionals having practiced and planned for this operation for the past week. Now, the SAS were on the prowl, looking for the BPF leadership and the hostages said to be present, including one of their own. Time for some payback on behalf of the Paras…

The ‘Dog and Duck’


Special Air Service

Sword and Dagger Teams of 22 SAS Regiment have been tasked with entering the Marcus Garvey Community Centre and eliminating the self-styled ‘Politburo’ of the Brixton Popular Front. They are equipped with suppressed weapons, although they all also carry CS gas and Stun grenades. One member of each Team also carries a shotgun for carrying out Forced Entry. Once inside the building, they are to clear every room until they find their targets, then exfil through the fire exit secured by Shield Team. If they find any captured personnel, they are to extract them.

Special Rules – SAS are represented by markers until they are fired upon or fire themselves. Teams have to stay together, so up to five markers are deployed, moving within the building, then revealed as a ‘dummy’ or ‘actual’ team.

Brixton Popular Front

The Politburo are guarded by twenty of Bob’s Banditos, all with small arms. These are placed in the building as required. Some must guard the Politburo members and some must be allocated as guards for the hostages.

Special Rules – The Politburo are represented by up to five markers in the building. These are revealed when fired upon or attacked. The Politburo must stay together for protection. None of the Politburo members are armed.

Hostages – There are possibly two British Army personnel being held hostage at the Centre and possibly some others. Be advised – killing hostages is BAD!

 Another great scenario from our mate Wayne Bolland. See how it plays out tomorrow night.


Monday, 10 August 2015

East Whittington

The old industrial housing area of our fictional East Whittington is beginning to take shape........

I hadn't wanted to go the Metcalfe terraced house route....... however, they're a relatively inexpensive route to filling a table quickly (2'x3' in above photos ) to represent the industrial heartlands. Some of the buildings need a tidy up, but the overall effect is good - just need to finish the road, add pavements, street furniture and job is a good 'un.

More Winter of '79 action from Wayne and the lads to follow.....


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Orkney Saga

Just back from a solo trip to Orkney, which proved to be a great opportunity to relax, clear the mind and reboot.

I found the people were very welcoming and friendly. Food was good quality and surprisingly cheap. Plus of course there's history by the bucketful from Neolithic times through to WW2. My firm favourite was the moody yet magnificent Ring of Brogdar. Set in a dramatic landscape you were instantly transported back in time. 

Already planning the return trip!