Monday, 22 February 2016

New Lannies from S&S Models

The Saturday morning post brought a clutch of Land Rovers I ordered from S&S Models two weeks ago. There's a 1/2 ton 'Airportable' Recce, 1/2 ton FFR (Fitted For Radio), 1/2 ton with cnvas tilt and finally a Land Rover Ambulance.

Forgot I'd ordered the 1/2 ton with tilt to be honest. Nevertheless It's the sort of 'kit' I like. Body and 4 wheels, job done! Looking at it in my hand I'm wondering about turning it into an armoured Lannie. Not too hard to do

And the Ambulance? It's joining the resistance!


Saturday, 20 February 2016

MIke Bravo Miniatures: 28mm COIN Toms

HWhen I conceptualised Winter of '79, there really was very little in the way of suitable miniatures available. Maff and I had to scratch together forces from partial Cold War ranges, namely Platoon 20 and Britannia Miniatures. Together with old ex Hotspur Urban Operations figures mostly bought in dribs and drabs from eBay.

If it hadn't been for a plentiful and readily available supply of Airfix/JB Models Cold War British vehicles suitable for our tabletop vision of Saracens on the streets of Thatcherite Britain, the whole idea may have withered on the vine.

If that was hard, getting our hands on decent 28mm figures was even harder. Mongrel Miniatures' excellent BAOR British infantry had effectively disappeared from the market, leaving Gripping Beast's partial MoFo Falklands range as the only source of 70's/early 80's soldiery.

So, needless to say, I'm delighted that the interest in 70's TV inspired games together with a growth in the appreciation of 70s/80s Cold War and urban conflicts has spawned a whole new range of 28mm miniatures not only suitable for Winter of '79, but created with Winter of '79 in mind.

4 British Infantry with '58 webbing, flak vests,
SLR (patrolling poses) PLUS 1 x Firing Pose 

Dan at Mike Bravo Miniatures has sculpted some really great Toms with SLRs in typical urban COIN dress at £10.00 and available for pre-order now along with a pack of masked para-militaries. Suddenly, 28mm W'79 is Red ON, Green ON, GO!

Gripping Beast 28mm MOFO & Mongrel Rebels
testing out with OO scale shops


Is this where I get the No.13 to Luxton?

The dus depot arrived safely from eBayland. My Wessex Rangers took up residence immediately in a show of force with the intention of turning the depot into a temporay base of operations.

Army Land Rovers eh? Wait for one
and then three come along all at once!

Shown in urban context

Just wondering about the viability of security screens, gates, sandbagged sangers etc. More about effort put in vs actual tabletop use? Anyway the bus depot is a welome addition to my 20mm urban collection.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Living on the Frontline - Available Now

Living on the Frontline the first official Winter of '79 publication from Partizan Press hit my carpet this morning. Let me tell you, It's cracking! 

Colour photos throughout, the same quality as those appearing in my Winter of '79 article in this February's issue of Wargames Illustrated. I know that if I didn't already play Winter of '79the photos alone in Living on the Frontline would get me reaching for my wallet to buy a few Cold War/Falklands era figures and a Saracen APC to get some games on the table.

Available now from Partizan Press priced £16.50


Monday, 15 February 2016

Olivers Army: Part 1 'Our Kid'

I admit it, I got carried away and spent all of last week writing new rules and games and all things Winter of '79.

What had started out as a short and sweet 1970's British Army career generator has turned into a sprawling Character Generator in no less than 4 parts! Not quite finished but who cares....

 So, here is Part 1. 'Our Kid'. I'll be updating it with a few more tables but thought you might like to start rolling up a character of two for Winter of '79 and taking them through their school years, ready to join the Army or the revolution.

Click here for the free pdf hosted on Dropbox Oliver's Army: Part 1 'Our Kid' 

 I ordered a clutch of 1/2 ton Land Rovers from Shaun at S&S Models last week and picked up this Bus Station at a very reasonable price from eBay.


Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sandbaggers - The Game

Civil Servants for the working day, these men and women carried out their assignments in a world of departmental squabbling, uncomprehending superiors, complicated approval processes and penny pinching. Knowing that if they are caught they will be either imprisoned or put against a wall and shot. HM Government will then deny all knowledge of them. Missions matter only as part of the ongoing Cold War chess game. Welcome to Sandbaggers the game.

Click on the link for pdf version of the free Sandbaggers gamette hosted on Dropbox - Sandbaggers

This is the first of several sets of free rules and mini gamettes we will be sharing on Winter of '79 throughout February.