Sunday, 12 September 2010

Operation Dyno-Rod: After Action Report

"We have been able to piece together the dramatic events that brought to a close the dramatic siege at East Whittington Town Hall. Based on a document obtained by the Daily Mail......"

19:15 Zulu
  • Control received from Civil Power. Op Dyno-Rod cleared
19:25 Zulu
  • Alpha rappel to 1st Floor Front from roof and blow in window to Small Function Suite 
  • Bravo standby to blow roof cupola
  • Charlie / Delta approach rear windows via Registry Office garden
  • Sierra teams target windows
19:25.30 Zulu
  • Alpha engage 3xTango in SMF, 6xHotels secured
  • Bravo blow roof cupola and abseil into Main Function Suite
  • Bravo engage 1xTango from abseil rope
  • Charlie enter via rear windows into Rates Office
  • Charlie engage 1xTango
  • Delta enter via rear windows into Payment Office
  • Delta engage 1xTango
19:26 Zulu
  • Box 500 identify firing in Main Hall
  • Alpha divert from 1st Floor down stairs to lobby of MH
  • Alpha engage 1xTango
  • Bravo move up to Mayoral Suite and Admin office
  • Charlie move up to doors to MH
  • Delta move up to doors to MH
19:26.30 Zulu
  • Box 500 identify firing in Ground Floor Typing Pool
  • Alpha move to GFTP, dynamic entry
  • Alpha enage 2xTangos, secure 8xHotel
  • Bravo (1&2) enter Mayoral Suite
  • Bravo (1&2) engage 3xTangos, secure 6xHotel
  • Bravo (3&4) enter Admin Office
  • Bravo (3&4) engage 2xTangos, secure 3xHotel
  • Charlie & Delta enter MH, engage DIXBY, PARSLOW, 3rd Tango
  • DIXBY shoots Delta 3, all Tangos neutralised
19:27 Zulu
  • Alpha clear Ground Floor West
  • Bravo clear 1st Floor
  • Charlie clear Ground Floor East
  • Delta move Hotels to garden for processing
19:28 Zulu
  • Target clear, IED in main lobby door disarmed.
19:30 Zulu
  • Control returned to Civil Power 


  1. SAS teams by Combat Miniatures (ex-Hotspur) from Stonewall Figures
  2. Tangos (Terrorists) by Combat Miniatures (ex-Hotspur) from Stonewall Figures & Platoon 20 from East Riding Miniatures
  3. Hotels (Hostages) by Combat Miniatures (ex-Hotspur) from Stonewall Figures
  4. Rules: Cold War: 1983 from Wessex Games plus bits from others as appropriate.


    1. Did you play this out (solo? with someone else?)? This sounds like a very cool wargame scenario indeed! :)

    2. Hi Omer, glad you enjoyed it! It was a solo game. I drew up a 1" grid map of a 2 storey town hall, loosely based on our City Hall c1970. Then I thoght OK I how would I storm it? I decided that because it all kicked off much quicker than the Princes Gate operation (of which this is a backstairs sprog) the SAS had less hard info on the location of the targets etc. So 1-3 terrorists per room with a 50/50 chance of there being anyone in each room - bar the main hall of course. any room with terrorists had D6 hostages - the main hall had 3D6. I used 1 fig to represent an SAS team and gave each a bottle of 10; they lost 2 if a man was hit and 1 if they stuffed an entry roll (dropped the stun grenade, overalls on fire etc). they had one shot per man in the team. The terrorists rolled D6 - 123 hit a hostage 4 was a miss and 56 hit a trooper. a hit on a terrorist took them down; those taken down after the hostage was shot didnt get a later roll to see if they were wounded or what.

      It was full of suprises. Bravo had it easy till they got cocky and split to double the coverage, Charlie and Delta didnt look as if they were going to get to the Hall in time. Which is why Alpha, originally the distraction team to cause a diversion at the front ended up blowimg in doors all over the place. I'm not sure if the numbers of terrorists match in the AAR with the newsflash. Perhaps Lewis Collins was on the inside?