Thursday, 10 January 2013

A night on the tiles

One of the 15mm Spanish fincas I've been working on. Based on a photograph of a stone hovel in Andalusia. I've yet to add a half shed to the side of the building.

Not bad, but it was only when I finished the roof  that I noticed that the height of the eave above the door is a few mm too high, which gives it a high 'forehead' look. A (G/Stuff) wooden lintel above the door help with that - maybe. Might just paint it or turn into a small barn then start again.
FYI, the walls are constructed from Slaters OO 4mm rough stone over a cardboard frame courtesy of Felix. The roof is made from a sheet of Slaters 4mm corrugated iron cut into strips and roughened up a bit to look like poor man's pantiles. In the photo you can see the very last strip is held down by an elastic band whilst the glue takes. I'd actually bought the Slaters corrugated iron for use with my 20mm figures, but it's tiny and I've reverted to Wills Kits, spare computer ribbon and corrugated card for 20mm instead.

The figure used for scale comes from The Late Queen, Militia Command. Sadly defunct, but luckily I have a pack to spare of these plucky chaps as Peter Pig has some new Militia riflemen which are worth picking up but without corresponding command figures. The Late Queen militia leaders are all suitably heroic and perfect for urging on their leaderless Pig miliciano chums.



  1. Hi Mark,
    Happy New Year.
    Good to see some SCW stuff. Another one of my favourites. As Disco Dave says " Its all about bloody civil wars with you".
    I remember those Late Queen figures coming out but didn't know they were defunct.
    Sorry not done much with 79 recently this Freikorp project is taking up what little time I have. But hopefully some updates soon.

  2. Very nice, it looks like the place I spent last years holiday in!

  3. Hi Mark, I look forward to seeing how that roof paints up. It looks like it will give a great effect. A step or a lintel should get the door back into proportion if it bothers you that much. Personally I have DIY jobs all over my house that I have stopped noticing even though my wife seems to think they are important!
    Cracking work.
    Aye, Rusty