Wednesday 13 February 2013

Fighting Patrol

1979... Borcestershire

6 Section  receive a tip of from a friendly farmer that some Borset Trots are on 'maneouvres' near the blasted hamlet of Crooked Crowe. Corporal Stan orders Lance Jack Dave to take the gun group to the top of the ridge and create a base of fire covering the hamlet and the road leading into it.

Stan leads his rifle group towards the hamlet itself.
Hoofing it, he hopes to get their before the Trots.

 L/cpl Dave and the GPMG group get into some decent cover.

The Trots are being led by 'Kensington Phil'
an ex squaddie who is taking them through their paces.

They're looking nice and warry.

Dave spots an opportunity and opens up.

 'Kensington Phil' goes down with a bullet to his knee. 
Terry is killed outright the rest are in shock at the suddeness of the onslaught.
Stan and Del rush the survivors. One Trot resists. He's slotted. Another surrenders.

One unidentified tail-end Charlie takes off, with Stan in pursuit.
Unfortunately, Stan's 40 a day habit catches up with him 
and he's left wheezing as the youngster legs it into the distance.

6 Section and their IO are delighted. An emergent Trot cell taken out. Two more martyrs for the cause and a 'warm' to interrogate. 'Kensington Phil' is handed over to Special Branch. And one to get away to spread the message that 5 Para own this turf.

The game was short and sweet. Maff wanted to slot some Trots, so I obliged. Technical difficulties with his laptop ate up 45 minutes of gaming time, so I condensed the planned platoon sized action into something achievable in remaining time. We actually 'muggergamed' it - talking through the action, moving the figure without the aid of a ruler and rolling dice where appropriate.

Figures: RH Miniatures
Terrain: CJ's World and WarTerrain



  1. Cracking stuff!

  2. Great pics and battle report - really like the terrain too!

  3. Good short and sweet batrep. It has spurred me on to start painting my VBCW figures as the first scenario I wish to do is a recce/fighting patrol to a loc just down the road. Cheers for the inspiration.

  4. Lovely stuff Mark. All meat with no dodgy filler. Borsetshire supermarket value meals take note. Aye, Rusty.

  5. Well, yes, after a testing day at work I was keen to vent some fury. If the Xbox hadnt been stacked away it would have been CODMW time and no mistake. And then of course the laptop went u/s and skype played up - so 45 mins late I saw Marks smiling chops and a bloody nice wargames table set up. Mark very kindly gave me a tour of the battlefield showing off the aerial manoeuverability of the iPad and leaving me slightly airsick into the bargain. So, onto the action - Mark's briefing was its usual basic stuf, leaving me wondering just how many trots were lurking out there. So, you make up the best plan you can and crack on - in this case, "grab the high ground with the gun group, hoof up the road to banjo the trots in the flank once the gun group does its stuff". The unwritten, unmentioned bit was "and stop them getting into the fields on the right and rolling us up in case there are a lot of them". But today, the gen was spot on, the trots turned up and 5 Para got a result.

    Great fun and no mistake. Much better than a X points per side game with defined objectives. There's always a suprise. This time the suprise was there was no suprise; somewhere a 20mm metal Maff sat down by Stan and had a smoke in sheer relief.



  6. Brilliant stuff, these after play reports are a joy and some great inspiration to boot. Keep them coming

  7. Any chance you can post the codes for the RH Miniatures figures seen in this AAR?

  8. I missed this . wonderful ... VBCW was a huge gaming hit , reckon this will be bigger !