Wednesday, 12 January 2011


The kitchen table this morning. Rest of the Argyll 'brick' underway plus first of the 'snatch squad'. Bodies once again, are all Eureka 1970's British Army Internal Security figures.

Argyll's, Zombie Apocalypse & Toast

You can see an ex-Horspur radioman in beret lying on the right waiting for conversion to join the ranks of the Argylls.

Several of the Eureka helmeted heads wearing respirators left over by the end of this mini-project. So I thought I'd see if they would be useful for making use of the left over RH Models (Liberation Mins.) bodies, in a Winter of '79 Millwall FC militia, Zombie apocalypse, Twilight 2000 sort of of way. Meet Bazza, gun nut and militaria collector - hence the non-regulation respirator (gasmask). He's armed with an AK because it's the weapon of choice when you absolutely, positively, have to kill every benefit scrounging, flesh eating Zombie on the council estate...oh! And New Romantics!



  1. Thanks Omer

    Thinking of giving him a football scarf to make him more 'British'. Up the Lions!