Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Llanover Briefing


As you know, Llanover is the first key for us to unpick Abergavenny Salient and is likely to have a far reaching influence on the progression of the campaign. It will demonstrate our resolve, test the mettle of the Taffs in a stand up fight and highlight any misguided sympathy or similar weaknesses amongst our men before we embark on major operations.
Enemy strength is estimated as a mixed company of Militia and 3rd Monmouthshire TA stiffened by a small Marine cadre. We will prevent collateral damage to civilian property as far as possible, putting in a series of low key assaults to pinch off enemy positions.

The west flank is protected by a narrow but deep river. Aerial recce has identified three bridges. The northern two are suitable for vehicular traffic, but each is barricaded and defended. The southern most is an old  drover bridge, fit only for sheep and cows. But we could double a company over in a matter of minutes and this would allow an envelopment of the defences within the village boundary and bring about the quick collapse of organised resistance.
A & D Companies of the Rangers will take the front row, with 6 Para ready to receive and make the finish if it comes to that. Kick off is at 20:20 tonight. Full details and orders are in the folder on your desk."
KITSON: "Well done Hugh!"

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  1. Things are about to getting hotter, wonder if the Taffs have been using there train up time wisely.