Saturday, 31 July 2010

Hull is For Heroes: Intro

 "Bravo Team. We have intelligence of an illegal arms shipment on a Cypriot registered freighter heading for Hull. The weapons appear to have been stolen from a Norwegian army barracks last month and are being transported in a blue SMERSK LINE container. 

We are going to take the ship when it hits British waters before they have a chance to offload the gear onto smaller vessels.  Seems there are some British nationals on board - we suspect they are armed and accompanying the merchandise. We need to keep a couple alive.

A Royal Navy Sea King will drop Bravo and Charlie Teams on the main deck at 05:15 hrs zulu. Charlie will locate and secure the cargo, Bravo will take the bridge and secure the hatches leading topside before  clearing the accomodation areas and engineering. We'll then hand over to the Royal Navy to take the credit".

......four hours later........
"Shit! A fog bank is preventing the chopper from flying to the target. We'll have to take her as she enters Hull Harbour. The new plan is to stow aboard the Pilot boat and storm the target when it docks alongside. Check your gear, load up the Range Rovers. We are about to break the land speed record on the M42......."


  1. OOOOo....sounds thrilling! I cannot wait to find out how this goes.

  2. Looking forward to this. What rules you going to use?

  3. First run this evening will be with Scudbusters II from Wessex Games.


  4. Any chance for an AAR of the game?