Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The First Fires


Special Late Edition

Chaos erupted on the streets of Felpersham last night. By the end of the uproar involving hundreds of protestors, an estimated 50 police officers were injured and 100 persons arrested.  At least 10 buildings including the historic Felpersham Department Store were destroyed by petrol bombs.

A break away group of protestors, most wearing balaclavas, some armed with improvised weapons attacked Felpersham TA Centre at the height of the riots. A Police spokesman said that a few had gained entrance but the weapons stored in the armoury were at no time threatened. 14 police officers were hurt in this separate incident.

The riots appear to have been sparked by an impassioned political tirade against the government made by Miss Claire Dixby, speaking at the Felpersham Young Socialists' conference. The conference was held at the Masonic Hall in the centre of Felpersham earlier in the evening and disturbances broke out immediately afterwards.

Speaking today in the the aftermath of last night's destruction, Miss Dixby said

"There is no peaceful road to socialism—we are building a revolutionary socialist youth movement to lead the struggle".

There was a continued heavy police presence at Borchester College today.........



  1. Miss Dixby is a lot cuter than the revolutinary student leader that I remember from the seventies.

  2. Ah, but this is an Alternative Time Line!

  3. we will build a better tomorrow
    the youth of today will be the tool
    american children built for survival
    fate is our destiny and we shall rule!

    The Avengers