Saturday, 23 October 2010

Today, I Am Mostly...... Making Land Rovers

Dawdled by Hobbycraft during the week and picked up the remaining Airfix 1/76 Bloodhound Missile kits (still reduced to £3.99). Mostly for the Land Rovers, but the missiles themselves aren't wasted as they will become part of a 15/20mm Sci Fi  colony defence missile battery.

I just wanted them. Nostalgia I guess. I had a lot of difficulty breathing that particular morning, but forced a recovery to give a dazzling presentation to the Senior Management Team at 9am. The kits were a bit of shopping therapy later in the day - a pick up and hold in my hand shot in the arm.

Was also sort of, but only sort of, tempted to get the Airfix Matador and 5.5inch Gun set that was also reduced to £3.99. This venerable WW2 era weapon was still in use with the Territorial Army (TAVR) in 1979. 

I'll get the Rovers done this morning. Then finish off my Anarchist ASU over the weekend. Too many demands and too much bullshit at work last week to be able to relax with a paint brush. Now my head has cleared, back to the miniatures!


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  1. I love shopping therapy. What's funny is that as much as guys like to give women crap for shopping, we all do it too.