Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bloody Cross: After Action Report


Never missing a chance for a brew outside of Neville's Cross Garage, run by proprietor Ted Povey. Four of the army's best stand around their Land Rover whilst the second Rover has popped down to the local shop as the 'Corp',  Bob, wants Wagon Wheels.

Turn 1 - Clash Action Front ASU break cover and bimble up road keeping up pretence of being a regular Para patrol. Alan Tate with his Sterling in the lead, uncertain and ready to empty the mag to cover a hasty withdrawal.

Turn 2 - "Get them!" A hail of shots are unleashed at the unsuspecting soldiers lolling around the Land Rover.

Turn 3 - Thick of the action. Return fire from government troops is largely ineffective - one soldier dead, one winged, one taking cover, one seeking a place to hide. Ted Povey is on the phone in the office. He can be heard shouting "They're bloody everywhere! Come quick!" Fingered as a grass by remaining PIRA cadre after Penny Pinch Farm, Alan Tate doesn't hesitate and squeezes the trigger.

Turn 4 - Second and third soldiers shot, fourth gone to ground. Alan "Get the guns and ammo into the jeep!" A flurry of activity is brought to a halt when Gary shouts "There's another Land Rover coming!" Alan calls back "Don't panic. Act normal. Waive them down"

Turn 5 - The Landie slows, Bob "What the bloody 'ell?.... wait one, they ain't Paras!" Another gunfight erupts. Driver and Bob killed instantly. The two soldiers in the back are more on the ball. Jeff , Alan's no. 2 get a bullet in the chest. But it's too little too late and both soldiers are shot dead.

Turn 6 - "Let's get out of here!" The triumphant Trots help Jeff into the original Landie and pile in. Alan puts the wellie down. As the Land Rover picks up speed Private Payne emerges from hiding and fires for all he's worth.... Jeff gets a second bullet and is killed instantly but the Landie makes a clean get away.

The Clash Action Front ASU is bloodied but shocked. Alan is shaking but quietly delighted. They've made their first strike against the oppressors and won. Killed soldiers, captured weapons, Jeff has become a martyr. Couldn't have been better.

Behind, Ted Povey and six squaddies lie dead. One is injured. Only Private Payne remains unhurt.


A cracking little game hosted by Maff, played over Skype (all photos are snapshots from Skype) and took 20 minutes to play in total. Rules were mostly Cold War: 1983 and a little bit of make it up on the fly as required (eg situational reactions by participants).

I chose to play the game more Devil's Own than Harry's Game. Alan strafing across the front of the garage firing his Sterling from the hip (is there any other way? Don't answer!). The dice were with  me!

The result was an unexpected bloodbath, which left a taste in the mouth - but we rationalised that if we were playing gallant Marquis ambushing SS in southern France we wouldnt think twice about it. Nevertheless the events set up the next game very nicely. We wondered about playing out the resulting manhunt as a map exercise, but given our commitments will probably jump ahead to the net closing in on an abandoned farmhouse.

Excuse the lack of prose in the batrep, I returned to the office for the first time in 5 months today and am knackered this evening as a result.



  1. Ah, dramatic tastes differ - I'm more "Harry's Game" myself. This was set up to be simply a bit of a firefight; I did think it was time for a game with the trots as the protagonists. The setting of the garage, phone box and crossroads was one of the earliest locales Mark and I thought up and it seemed time to use it.
    With hindsight the die was cast when the driver of the 1st landy rolled a critical fail to recognise the imposters and said "Bloody 'ell, its the Paras, they CAN smell a brew at half a mile". That gave the trots the edge they needed and that was it.

    Mark's right - there was a bit of suprise at how quite how savage the end result was.

    Apparently I'm back in the DPMs next week as the cordon is up and there are farms to search.

  2. Great report! Looking forward to the next one!