Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Place In The Country

 Just a little taster. This is the table setup for the game. After Action Report to follow.

BTW, the house is a must. It's an out of production Hornby Skaledale series Derelict House R8562. Certainly suitable for anywhere in the UK and even Ireland at a pinch, from the Victorian age onwards. Definitely the best Hornby purchase I've made. Bought on eBay for less than a tenner to boot which made up for some duffs early on!

The Derelict appears on eBay fairly frequently. Maff picked  up one himself earlier this week for his own Winter of 79 setup, and there's another currently on eBay today (Link). Right now it's £4.00. Be prepared to walk away if bidding rises above £13, as another will come along soon.



  1. Nice set up - I must say I'm looking forward to seeing Clash Action get their comeuppance.

  2. Great looking centerpiece to the board. All those hedges bring it all together and should prove quite challenging during the op.

    Thanks for the item and even the bidding info.


  3. Mine arrived this morning, excellent bit of kit.

    I understand that the AAR has now entered the essential " cuppa and jaffa cake" phase. Watch this space.

  4. Looking to add some Hornby buildings to my Anglo-Irish war setup, but hard to find in the States. But eBay does have quite a few listed from the UK, so I guess I'll have to bite the shipping bullet. Nice looking setup!