Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Bit Rusty

Painted up this 28mm corrugated iron shed from eBay today.  A good, sturdy resin model, separate roof, detailed inside as well, I think it may be from Ainsty Castings. Still have the woodwork to do of course, but I'm pleased with the effect so far. Will be useful in a host of locales from the 1850's onwards.

Kitted out for the Sudan, Freddy
defends the Regimental Gin Store

If you are interested in how it was done.....sprayed with a grey undercoat. Each side of the shed was given a heavily diluted wash of Citadel Waagh Flesh over the whole surface, whilst keeping the corrugated channels horizontal until the paint had dried to prevent the wash from simply pooling at the base.

Allowing the grey to show through gave the corrugated iron the aged and weather effect you see. In this instance, I decided less is more. Hope you agree. To add the rust, I simply took one of those sponges you get in a blister pack and dipped the edge into a terracotta hobby acrylic called Mars Orange. Then used a dabbing motion, building up the rust until I was satisfied. A couple of minutes and job done.


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