Friday, 31 January 2014

Five minutes of war

.........Breaking News........Slavikovan aggression in the Epirou........Hav troops in firefight......ISOF intervenes......

This was the scene this evening as elements of the Slavikovan 93rd Motorised Regiment and an unidentfied militia force pushed across the border and moved towards the village of Baklava.

The militia at 9, the 93rd at 6; the Hav troopers  have bailed out of their hummer - the SL and his team face the militia while the rest try to get to the rest of the hamlet. The SL is already on his radio calling for support.....
".....radici! Splodoci! Slavikovakici!"

The sinister militia stalk across the beet fields, 
"Soon, Latka, these goats will be ours..."

The Hav fire team stops the motor rifles.
Savage AK fire pushes the recon troopers back. 
Taking cover by a cottage they await the next onslaught

The Militia however get caught crossing the field and go to ground but the pressure is on the Hav troopers as the 93rd are within metres of breaking through. Then, over the radio....."move up. Daz, Chaz take left - Baz, on me GO GO GO!"

A hail of accurate fire slots into the militia as men
with big 'taches pepper pot across the beet field....

This was an impromptu affair very much influenced by the film and over pretty quickly, we've been nattering about using "SAGGERS"- ie "SWATTERS" but without the aliens. The 93rd and the Hav troops were Q4 with the militia Q5. The SF who appeared at the end were Q3 . I'd say it worked.

The figures are mainly Liberation minis but the Hav troops are Hotspur Grenada USMC. Hav is yet to upgrade to M4 and Bradley.... Apparently Capt Price is briefing some new lads fresh in from selection, so a potted background to the current state of play in Hav and Slavikova is imminent.



  1. Sadly the pics are not showing up.

  2. Which is odd as they were there when I published. I know because - sigh - I viewed it. If it comes down to it I'll post the damn things again.

  3. :( no pics... I like the name-swap 'Saggers', though!

  4. Right. 3rd time lucky I hope........

    1. Phew! To explain, in SAGGERS, everyone is a shooter, though troops with more SMGs say may get a bonus at close range but be penalised at longer, the sidearms traits from SWATTERS is more for woefully underarmed troops IMHO and given the ubiquity of the AK, in Slavikova......