Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Boys Are Getting Back into Town

"Hello, Madison Gardens for CNN. I'm in the war torn city of Abergavenn,y, where every street corner has become a battlefield.  We're at the bus station where some very fierce looking English paratroopers are enjoying a well earned....."

" 'Ello darlin'!"


" Oi, Donny! Don't fancy yours mate!"

"Get your ti......"

"SHUT IT! sorry Miss, the lads are a bit on edge..."
"That's, that's fine Master Sergeant. The viewers would like to know why are you back here and not in the Town?"
"Yeah. You tell 'er Sarge!"
"Taff mortar rounds hit us as soon as they had sodded off from the churchyard. Then as we tried to get across the road, a bloody Gimpy opened up on our left. A bloody load of shit caught us from the right (point). Buggered if I know where that came from but it did the Now do us a favour. Take your pretty arse and F&&k OFF."
Firing. More firing....short fast bursts.....
"What the F&@K?"


"Get DOWN Miss!!"

Grenade explodes, more firing......

Later, at TacHQ....

“Hugh, what the bloody hell is going on?”

“Sir, rebels in platoon strength infiltrated down a lane and opened up on 5 Para with LMGs and grenades. We took some losses but the Paras beat them off”.

“Hmmmph, I presume the timing is all to pot?”

“Sir, the Adjutant is on it now, but the push has to be put back a few hours. I want to get the Rangers in position to kick off simultaneously. God knows what's at the top of the hill.”

“Fine Hugh. Well, it isn’t but that’s how it is. Get things back on track but no slacking at the Church – keep the Leeks on the boil.”

“Yes Sir”


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