Sunday, 6 May 2012

Recon by Photo

"Brian! Good morning....what do you have for me?"

"Good Morning General, well, its a cracking bit of photo intel. Free Taff militia guarding a vital bridge and an interesting insight into their propaganda art...."

"Very good. How did you get it?"

"SAS patrol, near Troed y Rhiw Fwrch; they just got away and brought it in today..."

"Brian. This tells me that the Free Taffs have imported rifles of some kind. Uniforms of a vaguely green colour that is hard to tell in black and white and they have a bit of bone to pick with the Royal Family.

You have patrol experience?"


"Good. You're going in to Aber with the Paras. NEXT!"



  1. Where did you get this photo? Have you read To Dream of Freedom; The Struggle of MAC and the Free Wales Army, by Roy Clews, Y Lolfa, Talybont, 1980 ? It has lots of photos - the FWA and MAC didn't seem to be over security conscious.

  2. I am using a Welsh Republic for my VBCW faction. Good stuff, this!

  3. Thanks Gents. The pic was the first hit when I googled FWA + images.

    I read To Dream of Freedom in college in 83. A strange perod. Yes, the FWA were pretty slack on security and seemed snap happy. I think John Jenkins of MAC just turned up at one of their camps and tried to join. They thought he was Special Branch and he thought they were amateurs so they parted ways. MAC was a bit more security minded. The Free Taffs are really a wargamers exaggeration of a very much more militant Meibion Glyndwr.