Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Last Train

This week I have been watching old episodes of THE LAST TRAIN when I should have been painting. I missed this first time round so was chuffed to find it. A vision of post apocalypse as only the British seem to be able to do it. Nice and gritty.There are a load of other great programs on the aftermath channel including SURVIVORS for those who haven't seen it.



  1. I love that series and thanks you the link.

  2. Ugh Last Train. I actually started work at Granada while they were finishing production of that and actually got to see a shot being filmed in the Rostrum Camera department. I was really excited to see a genre show lined up for prime time (this was before the Dr Who revival)

    But my God, when it actually aired how I hated that program. Mainly down to the incessantly whiny self-centred lead character. Why oh why did the other survivors put up with the mopey bitch (a) who was responsible for Buck Rogering them in the first place and (b) whose sole concern was meeting up with her boyfriend.

    And I'm sorry, but after she poisoned the fresh water supply in the safe haven they found early on so that they wouldn't settle down, why oh why did they carry on following her? Pull that crap in my post-apocalypse and it's two-in-the-chest-and-one-in-the-head and your body looted and left to distract the feral dogs.

    The "shock" ending had me howling with laughter. Served Dr Mopey McWhinestein right!


    Happy memories :-)

  3. I only saw the first episode and (strangely) the last. So it'll be good to catch up. Thanks for the link to such a useful channel.