Tuesday, 22 May 2012

CBS Tonight Special: The Day Abergavenny Died

Voice Over: On CBS Tonight, Madison Squire-Gardens talks to Her Majesty's S.A.S. retired hero Gaz "Two-Mags Mac", about the fateful events of 30 years ago that would shape the future of the Great Britain we know today.

 Madison: Gaz, before we talk about Abergavenny, just how much of a suprise was the Welsh insurgency?

Gaz: Total. The Provisional Government and the green army didn't have a clue. At the Regt we had been tasked to find and shut down a ratline that MI5 thought ran from Ireland through Wales and then to the trot cells in Borset. So we had some guys driving around in civ cars and dug into hides in various bits of mid Wales. That's what led to our succesful ops like Pennypinch Farm; but we picked up vibes, odd ones. The locals were not unfriendly but there was an electric buzz in some of the villages, we just didn't know why.

Madison: And then?

Gaz: One of our patrols was ambushed. That was a wake up call and we worked up a few plans. Nasty ones; decapitation strikes; counter gangs, all sorts.

Madison: But they never happened?

Gaz: Not in the way we planned. The army council went for a big, kinetic ground assault. They reckoned, kick the taffs hard and they'd choke. You'd have thought they learnt the lesson at Llanover.

Madison: This is something that I didn't understand then ..... Why were these militia fighting so hard and so well?

Gaz: One word. WARMINSTER. These were Welsh Guardsmen. Survivors, detached blokes, even former woodentops all over the place and they were angry. A couple of those and a Taff platoon picked up skill at arms, fieldcraft and attitude. And there were the renegade Marine Commandos as well. Oh we learnt to remember Warminster all right.

Voice Over: After the break, Madison Squire-Gardens recalls her own part in the story that led to a whirlwind relationship and the Oscar nominated movie, "Love in a Wet Climate".


  1. Great little read, and I love the "Ospray Abergavenny 79"

  2. Fantastic stuff- love the news reports style- very evocative.

    And the Osprey covers are genius.