Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Maroon Ballot - Abergavenny

"100-1/2 left-open window-sniper"
OC:  Dan, Sitrep!

CO Wessex Rangers: Sir. 'A' Coy have relieved the Paras at the Priory. Pretty much stitched up there. We're trading shots and keeping the 'Leeks' occupied. 'C' Company have established a base of fire in the cemetery and 8 Platoon have cut the Hereford Road. Lot's of open ground to their front but overlooked and dangerously exposed. The Cattle Market is to their left. Plenty of 'Leek' activity is reported there.

'B' are extending cautiously to the right. A pair of GPMGs have both sides of the Monmouth Road covered. They're making slow progress through the gardens.

 OC: Hugh? 

CO 5 Para:  Barry and 'A' have gone firm at the hospital. Stretched thin though. 'B' & 'C' are reorganising. The Recce platoon are in Lannies. Manning is pretty gung ho! So are his men......

OC: Recommendation?

CO 5 Para: Still have those Hereford bods? What say we load them up with Gimpys and drop them on the roof of the Town Hall? My boys will motor up the road behind a Scimitar and get the keys to the city. How do you fancy becoming Mayor, Sir?

OC: Hmm. Speed and aggression at this point could unhinge the defence. Gloves off gentlemen?

Sergeant: Sir, there's some American bint outside asking for an interview....


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