Friday 2 August 2013

Fenced In!

A quick heads up about some useful OO Gauge chain link fencing available from David aka ebay seller Harleycat.

 Private Smudger patrols the outer perimeter
in hope of a cuppa from the residents of No.37

What you get are four fence sections 21.5cm (8.5inches) long, 3cm tall, plus a double chain link gate constructed from metal mesh. The combined length of fencing is 92 cm (3 feet) with gate. Each chain link section has 6 silver-grey metal posts & over-head security wire. The set includes security & warning signs to add as you see fit.

I'm very pleased with my purchase. They are a quality product and definitely recommend them. I plan to get another set to rust up and distress in order to represent the sort of chain link fencing one can find within any urban environment - car park, school playing fields, edge of an estate.