Thursday 25 November 2010

Liberation Ferret

My Liberation Ferret has been waiting on Decals and basing for a long time. Just got to paint the base and it will be ready to roll. The Liberation model is well worth buying. Only 6 pieces but nicely detailed.

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Armoured column

BBC News : The government today announced that troops are being sent to areas affected by recent disturbances. The public should remain calm and not hinder or approach any troop movements.

First painted Eureka infantry

Due to one thing or another I have had no time recently to get any painting done. But due to a nice wee bit of snow today I had some free time. Rather than slump in front of the telly I managed to paint the first squad of my Eureka infantry. I know what you are thinking the DPM jackets are guff. Unfortunately I couldn't remember what colours I had used for DPM last time. Next time I will try the colours suggested by Mark.

Friday 5 November 2010

More houses....aaaaaggghh!!!!

More Dapol semi-detached houses have arrived and I've got to admit they are doing my head in. This part of the project is taking more effort and far longer than I originally planned.

So, I'm taking Maff's advice, popping them into a box in order to sneak up on them in ones and two's between now and Christmas.

Meanwhile, it's back to the country lanes and farms around Borchester where Thatcherite forces are moving against known Red Wedge enclaves. The Red Wedge cells have been under surveillance and target acquisition by the HAC and now it's time for the boys from Hereford to shake things up......


Monday 1 November 2010

Today, I Am Mostly...... Constructing A Housing Estate

Finally got the impetus to make up my Dapol houses and get on with my urban housing estate. 10 houses  (2 more on the way) plus 3 shops. I'm just not quite happy with how they are turning out.

 Dapol OO Scale Semi-Detached House

The Detached House is the easiest kit to bulid. Fits together nicely, the walls also have a textured surface. Only real complaint are the sheer number of windows - too many. If I hadn't had my head down trying to get as many done  as I could yesterday, I would have changed the two side walls for plasticard and saved the spare window frames for scratchbuilding projects.

 "We're doing a promotion in your area"

The Semi-Detached is a lovely model. The front doors are useless, but other than that, a good solid model with a big footprint on the table. Some flash and poorly moulded windows. Happy to buy more of these.

Right Mrs Jones. Thats 2 Gold Top, 1 Ski Yogurt 
and a box of hand grenades

The Shop - whereas it took an hour to put together the walls of all 10 of the buildings above, it took an equal time to do the three shops due to the amount of flash, and that the front and back walls were distorted. Again, too many windows, especially for a shop this size. I'm giving them a shuttered/boarded - looted - appearance with graffiti on the shutters to add further character.

If I'd chosen to build these kits straight from box, I would have finished within the day - as it is construction is dragging - needs perhaps two more days of effort, partly because the corrugated iron plasticard I'm using as boarding has little surface area to attach to the models, so I'm having to use PVA, which needs to dry before moving onto next element.


Took a fresh look at them this morning and happier with how they look, so pushing on.

 mmm, maybe too distressed?