Tuesday 1 December 2015

Sitrep: Spinning Plates

Just a quick update to say that it's project board this week and my energies have gone into composing what we'll call an 'audience focused' report....but I've found some down time to have fun expanding my 1970's army career gamette, which I have to admit was a great bit if nostalgia. I've also taken the list of operational deployments back to the start of the sixties in light of Elheim's new Early Cold War range and growing interest in Operaton Musketeer (Suez) with the anniversary coming up in 2016.


Update:..... Project Board was successful. I'm confident my team can meet all the goals and objectives of this ambitious project and I'm glad to say that my contract has been extended for another year, so pressure off. Time to get back to 1979 now.