Sunday 30 October 2011

Card Stock Abergavennygrad

My inner city setup has hit a bit of a wall. This has been caused by a combination of having to keep my monthly gaming budget in check (especially whilst on half pay), some items not being in stock at Model Zone, but perhaps more importantly, nice as they are, the fiddliness involved in constructing the Metcalfe buildings. This means that I've only completed a third of them and still have the conversions to complete. I'm now looking at being realistic in my expectations and turning this into a project to bring about during the Christmas and New Year break.

In the meantime, Tony (eBay username tonyatthewillows) has come to the rescue with a range of inexpensive, but effective and crushingly easy to construct card stock buildings. See pictures of just some of his products taken from eBay below:

 OO Terraced Houses from eBayer tonyatthewillows
(bay windows are optional btw)

OO Shops from eBayer tonyatthewillows

OO Tesco from eBayer tonyatthewillows
(great for Zombie games)

The Tesco may be a bit anachronistic for 1979 but still very useful for bringing the main street up to modern times for Zombie outbreaks, Dr Who or near future urban meltdown. It could also be converted without too much effort into a single story Fine Fare.

I've made the most of Tony's currently available range. I love the MacDonalds model, first one in UK was in 1974. I've also laid the seeds with Tony for some additional buildings that will fit into Winter of '79. Plus I've got several of my own conversions in mind to extend the range and variety of this market town/suburban shopping street setup - eg 3 storey tenements with and without shops.

I aim to use Tony's buildings not only as a stand alone gaming environment - whether village, market town or suburban shopping street, but also to expand my planned inner city layout when it's complete to create a much larger urban table.

For look, price and ease of construction, these card stock models from Tony are well worth considering.



I've had my head down at work, whilst Maff's been off playing in the Pembrokeshire hills. It's full tilt in the office, leaving me little spare in the way of mental energy when I get home. It's paid off though as my new team is being expanded to include much needed additional developer resources.

As the team is now up and running, I'm taking a few days break courtesy of the art of delegation. Which means that I can concentrate on gaming and Winter of '79 again this week.

Still waiting for Rolf's upcoming URBMELT SLR figures - the first mould failed - which is frustrating as we are both waiting with baited breath for these figs. Pushing frustration aside Maff and I were able to get together this week to play out the initial attack on Llanover, where Huw Thomas (Tom) Jones, "the only punk in the village" became an overnight hero! I'll blog a full account later.

We also laid out the plan the government assault on Abergavenny(grad). Typically, Im been keeping shy of the Superquick model buildings because they looked too model railway market town - and guess what - bloody Abergavenny IS a market town and the Superquick kits would fit the bill nicely. Oi vey! Plenty of other nice suburban and industrial bits left to fight over though.

With the 30th Falklands anniversary exocetting towards us can I make a please to any manufacturer thinking of releasing a Falklands range. Please, please, please, can we have the sort of poses you'd expect of troops pepper-potting towards Argie entrenchments.

And don't go mad on cold weather caps or padded trousers either - have a separate pack with those guys as variants. I want to be able to use my Falklands Paras and Marines as Cold War mech inf in BAOR or on patrol in NI bandit country.

Maff gave me his spare Platoon 20 Falkland era Brits. All based and undercoated. Thanks mate. I'll get those painted over the next day or so to fill out the remaining slots amongst my government Paras.


Wednesday 19 October 2011

Llanover Briefing


As you know, Llanover is the first key for us to unpick Abergavenny Salient and is likely to have a far reaching influence on the progression of the campaign. It will demonstrate our resolve, test the mettle of the Taffs in a stand up fight and highlight any misguided sympathy or similar weaknesses amongst our men before we embark on major operations.
Enemy strength is estimated as a mixed company of Militia and 3rd Monmouthshire TA stiffened by a small Marine cadre. We will prevent collateral damage to civilian property as far as possible, putting in a series of low key assaults to pinch off enemy positions.

The west flank is protected by a narrow but deep river. Aerial recce has identified three bridges. The northern two are suitable for vehicular traffic, but each is barricaded and defended. The southern most is an old  drover bridge, fit only for sheep and cows. But we could double a company over in a matter of minutes and this would allow an envelopment of the defences within the village boundary and bring about the quick collapse of organised resistance.
A & D Companies of the Rangers will take the front row, with 6 Para ready to receive and make the finish if it comes to that. Kick off is at 20:20 tonight. Full details and orders are in the folder on your desk."
KITSON: "Well done Hugh!"

Tuesday 18 October 2011

The Pre-Match Prep Talk

"Good morning gentlemen. As you know, I have had to recover somewhat after my unscheduled visit to the other side of Offa's Dyke..."

".....but as you will all agree, we have unfinished business over there. I therefore think it appropriate to give you an overview of current thinking on the Welsh rebel forces - for those of you who slept through Mr Keegan's lectures at Sandhurst, that is the first use of that phrase by an English General in some 600 years..."
"Now, firstly, the deserters. And let's be clear gentlemen. Former members of Her Majesty's Armed Forces who have decided to stand against the government are deserters and as such subject to military law. We will give them no credence by calling them rebels. Is that understood?"
"Deserters from the various Welsh regiments who defected in the autumn have since then, been integrating with and training up the local TA cadres, who themselves have been enrolling local diehards. This gives them several battalion sized battlegroups with varying level of training, mechanisation and support."

Next...the Mobile Columns and the Marines. This is something of an unholy alliance and are frankly dangerous. The mobiles are the original Free Taffs who drive around in armed landrovers etc; the booties seem to see them as kindred unconventional spirits....."
".....but the Mobiles have been reinforced by the few special forces deserters and they and the booties have bought an edge to an otherwise dull spear.

Now. The Militia; these could be a joke, titles like "the rhondda boys" sound pretty amateur - but there is a complication. The Welsh Guards no longer exist as an effective formation, there are however some who were on leave, training etc etc. These have been acting as snipers, stay behind parties and generally running around being troubemakers. Some joined the Mobiles and a lot have been mentoring the Militia. Not a pretty thought.

Finally a few words on support, we believe the anti-government forces have no shortage of  Land Rovers, and they do have some CVRTs. They are known to have taken whatever AFVs were down at Castlemartin, including a troop of Abbots; and there are reports of a couple of scratch crews making a run for the border in stolen tanks. Armour is not therefore a concern. They have some helos but the Crabs in their usual slack way, don't know how many.

Two notes of caution. Their training includes a lot of tabbing so they can and will cover ground on foot. Second, their radio comms are in a fast gabble of idiomatic Welsh and elliptical English that we cannot break.

Finally. When we kick off and take the game to their try line, remember this. Experience to date, including my own little adventure, indicates that if you drop the leaders and any showy bastards, the rest will disperse.

Thank you"
"Hugh, before you dash, Llanover? I'd like your plan as soon as. Say before 18:00?"


Sunday 16 October 2011

Clash Action Front in Miniature

 Clash Action Front ASU
(click on picture for larger image)

A close-up of the Clash Action Front ASU from our recent No Stone Unturned game, as requested by Chris. Sadly not my painting, snapped them up on eBay a year ago. Well, you can't get more of a Winter of 79 look than that can you? I remember thinking at the time that they would be perfect as the Ambridge Home Guard.

Hope they provide some inspiration. Looking forward to adding to them with Rolf's forthcoming Urban Meltdown British civilians with SLRs.


Saturday 15 October 2011

Don't Cry For Me Aberystwyth

It won't have escaped your notice that our collection of Cold War British figures and kits for Winter of 79 puts us in a good position to replay the Falklands conflict next year.

The Falklands has been a slow burning interest for Maff and myself over the past couple of decades or so, but with a lack of basic figure resources, its just not been do-able without making a compromise too far that negates any enjoyment in collecting the minis and erodes our will to play.

I guess in some respects, Winter of '79 came about because we wanted to do something with the handful of Platoon 20's and ex-Hotspur figures that we had each collected back in the 80's.

No surprise then that we intend to refight the ding dongs of the land conflict in 20mm. We have a core infantry company size force of suitable Toms plus enough extras to create Para, Marine or Guards units as needed. So now, we can comfortably sit back and wait for the choice of Argies to improve over the coming months.

Despite the 'big' anniversary drawing near in 2012, it's not my intention to change the main focus of Winter of '79. Though naturally we will share our Falklands games with you, togther with the prep and all the news of the latest Cold War era British miniatures, kits and models.

Given there are likely to be new Falklands conflict miniatures available in 2012. For instance, the guys at Mutineer Miniatures mentioned at SKELP that they were thinking about it. We're not going to jump the gun right now, but instead bide our time and reserve our cash and see what develops.

Don't get the impression that we have parked the Falklands until next year. Far, far from it. The last few games and Maff's damned Scout helicopter have provided us with a source of threads that will create a rich tapestry of scenarios over the coming months. This includes our own Winter of '79 orientated tribute to the Falklands conflict. We are restaging the hill battles for Stanley, only firmly set in the Welsh mountains between the forces of the emergency government and the Free Taffs, as the long anticipated drive on Cardiff gets under way.

I've been dog tired since I returned to work, on top of which I've been battling a head cold since last weekend. Still working a few hours a day but it's full throttle; inducting new staff, leading a new team and taking my multiple project streams forward again. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the challenge and glad to be back. But have little energy for anything other than sleep by the time I get home. It'll get easier as my stamina improves, I find my equilibrium again and the team settles in over the coming week.

Wales vs France tomorrow, saturday. Big game. A couple of rousing national anthems to boot. Will be painting figures in front of the Telly and joining Maff in cheering for Wales whilst Heather will cheer the Frenchies (born there).


Monday 10 October 2011

Double Yellow Apocalypse

I'm going to stump up for a handful of 20mm VBCW Armed Police from Irregular Miniatures.  The ones in cap might also just make interesting armed Traffic Wardens, Ministry officials that sort of thing. Will see if I can turn one into being armed with a Sterling for Maff.

The armed Traffic Warden makes an iconic statement about the breakdown of urban society. A perfect figure (or two or three) for your Post Nuclear Holocaust, Zombie Virus, Urban Meltdown. They can be mixed in with civilian survivors, militia, to add colour, or be government auxiliaries in formed units in their own right.

Sgt's Mess have a 20mm WW2 'Authorities' set which includes a Policeman, WPC, ARP Warden and Vicar. The WPC just needs a small adjustment to her cap. The Bobby will do, once painted dark blue the difference in details will be insignificant. The Vicar, er well, remains a Vicar (perhaps converted to CND supporter/clandestine Trot). The Warden figure in WW2 Tommy helmet reminds me of the Civil Defence Wardens in The War Game (1965). Could keep the helmet as is or give him a head from one of my Eureka riot troops and use him as a militarised Traffic Warden, Church Police (a la Tom Robinson Band) or other similar auxiliary government official.

Bandera also do a pack of 5 SCW Asaltos in jackets and caps - may work - need to ask Rolf.


Saturday 8 October 2011

SKELP 2011

Hodden Grey was invented on a day like today. Horizon to horizon overcast with the hue of dirty dishwater. Nevertheless, I left the house early so I would have an opportunity to get used to driving the Landy again on a quiet highway after a break of several months.

It's a surprisingly quick run to Forfar. 25 minutes door to door and pass the sites of 3 Roman forts. You're at Finavon before you know it and from there it's a stone throw to the turn off.  Reid Hall lies on the edge of town, opposite Tesco. Easy to find with ample parking. Leaves few excuses not to go.

1/200 Modern Command Decision Game

Arrived at 10.30 to find the show busy with a good buzz going on. The number of trade stands was noticably less than previous years. Marked absences were Dave Thomas and Scotia/Grendel.  Most people I spoke to noted that Dave Thomas wasn't there. Last year, every trader seemed to be selling Wargames Factory or Plastic Soldier Company and it was a pleasant change not to see one single box in evidence this time round.

 55 Minutes at Peking

I'd hoped to pick up scenery but there was simply nothing on sale or in the Bring and Buy to support any of my main interests. My total purchases of the day, hotdog with onions and two cups of tea aside, were a bottle of Vallejo Matt Varnish and, as they were there, some packs of Mutineer Miniatures' new 20mm Modern Africans to kickstart Cold War Pulp. So I bought duplicate packs for Maff too.

 Mutineer Miniature Modern Africans

By 11.30 I was starting to fade. The noise and buzz coupled with busy game tables was more stimuli than I've been used to over the past 5 months. I chatting with Hugh and Jefferey from Aberdeen amongst others, plus grabbing a quick word with Sholto who was immersed in his 55 Minutes at Peking game.

Today was more about re-establishing my wellness and independence than being a hobby day. From that perspective it worked well, but by 1pm I was on my last legs and headed home. Now, looking forward to Targe at Kirriemuir next month.


Friday 7 October 2011


I'm glad to report that I returned to work this week. Only a couple of hours a day at the mo' but I'm back in the game and that's what's important. Even a few hours a day has left me crushingly tired by the time I get indoors and I've fallen asleep on the train home more than once. Luckily not beyond my stop!

This has meant that whilst I've started the Eton Rifles, they won't be finished till the weekend. They're a fun project and I want to enjoy painting them rather than slapping on a coat of paint and splodge of DPM for the sake of the blog.

From next week I'm leading a new team. I can't say that I'm not chuffed at the opportunity and looking forward to the challenge. And the challenge isn't so much managing down, I very much intend to mould the team to manage their own agreed workload based on the client's required outcomes and lead by example. No the challenge is still  managing upwards. But it's the weekend - time to switch off and recuperate.

Wednesday night's game........... superb. Not least because I won of course, and against increasing odds to boot. Debriefing with Maff ....we're both happy with how the events and politics flow from our games to influence the next one. Rather than having them directed by a script, eg the Taffs learn from this shambles and aim to increase number of cadre elements in units, and focus on better training.....if time allows it. The Paras now believe three Toms are worth ten Taffs. Hubris? Will they consequently stage an operation that has all the hallmarks of being "A Taff Too Far". Why the hell not!

Tired. Meant to order some Falklands figs from CP-Models but that gritty, tired behind the eyes feeling has stopped me. Definitely, definitely order over the weekend. Plus, get some more Falklands era figs from Platoon 20 to finish off a Para Company. Tony has rejigged his moulds/packaging, so I also want to include a pack of SBS (P-B10) now that there's two of each SBS figure in the pack. That hooded guy is perfect gun toting Trot in a cagoule.

Going to SKELP in Forfar on Saturday and meeting up with Major Mike. If you are there and want to look me up and say 'hello' please do.


Thursday 6 October 2011

Whiskey Sierra Three Down: AAR

"Whisky Sierra Three, this is Ground Control; be advised you are veering off course. You are at extreme west of secure airspace over."

"Ground Control; this is Whisky Sierra Three; instrument check - please comfirm course actual vector, over."

"Whisky Sierra Three, you are 15 degrees off course and are now over a known hostile area. Change course; repeat change course."

"Ground Control, this is Whisky Sierra Three, I am losing spin.....negative, we are going in hard.....brace, brace, brace...."

"Whisky Sierra. This is Sector Command. Do you copy? Is your cargo safe?"

"This is Sector Command; scramble Helo QRF to these coordinates....."

"Bit of a drama , Nigel?"

"Drama? Not at all Sir, its only General Kitson's helo crashing into the middle of a Taff Brigade...."
....In the middle of a sheep pen, several miles north of Brecon, General Frank Kitson, his ADC Major Pyke, Parachute Regiment, Corporal Dewhurst and Lt (AAC) Lacey are clambering out of a very bent Westland. Dusting themselves off and checking assets they find radio u/s, one sniper rifle, two Sterlings and two Brownings. Just over the moor to the east, a gaggle of DPM clad Taffs are scattering sheep in all directions as they jog towards the scene, one drops to his knee and gets quick a message off - "Scrum Half 'ere it is, we got a saes chopper down up by Troed y Rhiw Fwrch we ave, so get a ruddy move on bach!".

Whiskey Sierra 3 Down.
Taking stock of situation

A quick look round and it's clear that best bet is to make it to the high ground and go firm there. Kitson takes the lead and heads to the top of a small, knoll with good sized boulders scattered round a small depression at the top.

Lacey is still struggling up the slope with Pyke shouting at him to pull his finger out. Corporal Dewhurst reaches the top first. "Shit!" he mutters as he spots the first Taff shadows advancing out of the mist.

We are not alone

Judging by the kit and dodgy fieldcraft that these are militia unaware of their location, Dewhurst kneels and drops the obvious leader, throwing the Taffs into disarray. A second round and they vanish. Kitson spots another fire team moving in fast from the NW, and yet more pepperpoting in from the SW. Lacey pings at them hopefully with his Sterling only to receive a fusilade of accurate rifle fire in return.

Dewhurst now rushes to the rear of the hillock where he can cover both teams of approaching Taffs - a few rounds of 7.62 ping in a bit too close. Taking cover he jars his scope, losing valuable shots whilst he corrects it.

Free of any fire the Taffs to the NW close in. Dewhurst finally managesto put his weapon to his shoulder, . Two rounds - two fall - the rest throw themselves to the ground. Pyke spots for Dewhurst. Switching targets the Corporal momentarily halts the SW mob, but they scrabble into the maze of stonewalls and sheep pens and begin edging closer.

Kitson takes one in the shoulder

If things weren't tense enough, by now more Taffs appear are reaching the scne. To the South, a mix of militia and regulars - is that a Guards beret? Bootnecks? They use the hedgeline to inch towards the track. Dewhurst is still the only man with a weapon that reaches the Taffs and he works hard to keep them at bay. A flanking party appears to the SW, the Taffs form a gunline and rounds start getting on target - Pyke and Lacey are pinned by near misses. The more proficient Taffs in the hedgeline fling smoke grenades onto the track and try to rush the hillock - Lacey and Pyke fire their Sterlings while Kitson double taps away with his browning; the attack is broken up, but the General is a clear target and somewhere a Taff sniper fires his trusty .303. Lacey drags the wounded Kitson back - its not a life threatening wound but its a gun off the line as the Taffs to the SW now rush forward......

Dewhurst cops it

Dewhurst halts them, switches back to the next set of targets and stops them too with accurate fire. Then a burst from an Armalite catches him full in the chest and Dewhurst is down.

The Taffs notice the lack of long range firepower and build up for another push - a green berets and black woolly caps obviously marking the cadres; Lacey and Pyke change mags as the Taffs go for it, another hail of smoke grenades, over the hedges, across the track and up the hillock firing mainly from the hip. Shouts of "Mochen Coch!" and "Remember The Guards!" are clearly heard. Pyke and Lacey fire short, accurate bursts from the rocks and chop down a few advancing Taffs; a 9mm barks to Lacey's left - Kitson has dragged himself into the line and is blazing away - dropping the Taff NCO.

They'll be singing in the valleys tonight!
The line surges up the hill

It's almost over, it's the last minutes at Twickenham, the final scrum the distance there is a faint whirr-thokker of rotors as three heavily laden Pumas and a Westland Scout with a Gympy poking out the door hove into view.

"Bloody, Bloody Hell!" sneers Captain Kinnock under his breath. He blows three long blasts on a whistle and the Taffs melt back into the fog shrouded treelines tracer rounds following them.



15 Game Turns, 45 minutes of ulcer inducing action. Maff piled on the tension with wave after wave of Free Taffs appearing from different points of the compass. There were so many of the buggers that at one point I thought Maff was re-enacting Max Boyce's 'The Incredible Plan'. Cold War: 1983 rules, as per, we played to the dice and they were with me. The Para sniper, Corporal Dawson, proved himself to be in the league of Gordon and Shughart. Very much man of the match.

We had bags of fun AND Maff got to use his newly built Westland Scout!


Wednesday 5 October 2011

Fort Apache The Brecons

A quick taster from tonight's game - a nail biting, down to the wire stand by the helicopter crew and occupants when Whiskey Sierra 3 carrying General Frank Kitson goes down on the wrong side of Offa's Dyke.

Kitson, his aide; a Para Major, Para Sniper bodyguard and pilot, hold off the Free Taff scrum half over fifteen tense game turns before the Pumas carrying the QRF arrive.


Tuesday 4 October 2011

Eton Rifles

But you didn't take a peep in their artillery room.......

Inspired by Paul Weller's classic 1979 anthem, this week's project is slightly tongue in cheek - a 'platoon' of the Eton Rifles (altogether now! "Eton Rifles, Eton Rifles"). A pro-emergency government auxiliary force based on the Eton College Combined Cadet Force. In our Winter of '79 scenario we'll include 'Old Boy' platoons and I already have a couple of games in mind once Rolf's Urban Meltdown Brits with SLRs become available.

There's a row going on down in Slough........

The Eton Rifles have been sponsored and newly equipped with the latest military hardware by a consortium of old boys led by the Chairman of British Pastoid Chemicals, Sir Marcus Dixby MBE. Sir Marcus is also an Executive Director of Fabrique Militair and is known to have significant holdings' in Executive Solutions, an organisation described in it's promotional literature as a private armed 'security' company. 

Eton Rifles 'Old Boys' march in Hyde Park 
to demonstrate support for the emergency military government.

This is a bit of fun & light relief, so bear with me. The figures chosen for the Eton Rifles are, well, not an obvious choice for 1979, but you'll see later in the week. I'm starting on them tomorrow afternoon, breaking off for the Whiskey Sierra Three Down game tomorrow night. Aiming to have the first Eton Rifles finished on Thursday and posted to the blog before the weekend.


Monday 3 October 2011

Westland Scout - per ardua ad ardua

I had this model as a kid and had hours of fun with it; in fact I bought two - the second to replace the first after it made hard contact with the floor....and a year ago I picked up No.3. I glued it up last night. Good Grief! How did I manage to construct two of the little sods as a teenager? The title of this post reveals my feelings......

However, I persevered. So, here is a series of pics showing progress. I didn't take any of the early stages as I was too wound up with Airfix glue fuelled frustration...

Note the gaps and generally poor gluing work; I began to remember the same problems as a kid...I then realised, this one was GREY. The ones I'd made as a kid were GREEN. And I'd already glued the pilots in. Also, the skids were threatening to collapse and the rotors didn't fit in my storage. Time for PLAN B.

Plan B:
1 Paint green, EVERYWHERE! - I will pick out the perspex out in silver. No decals - it can be any Scout, anytime, any place, anywhere.

2 Lose the rotor spindle and balance them on when using (or blutack them) or if its a crash, just prop them at an angle.

3 A pair of plastic washers glued to the hull base provide "lift" to about 2mm off the ground, still low enough to look as if its landed and take weight off the skids.

It's not finished but not much too do. Hopefully it will appear in an AAR in the near future but probably not airborne......

"This is Whisky Sierra Three....we are going in hard....



The Guns of Brixton

House in Brixton Terrace; home of Bert Tanner, father of Alan Tate's girlfriend. Tate and Bert are in the front room.

Tanner: You made the papers then, lad.

Tate: Where's Julie?

Tanner: At her aunt's in Ramsgate. Think I'd let her stay here now? Besides, half the goon squad is probably watching her, cuts down the odds.

Tanner: Blood on yer hands. How many is it now?

Tate: Six, seven at the garage, maybe another at the farm.

Tanner: and you got..?

Tate: Most of them.

Tanner: Working class lads, Alan, all of 'em

Tate: It's a war.

Tanner: Then take it to them who started it.

Tate: I'd better go - borrow your coat and cap?

Tanner: Yeah. Look....smash your glasses, cut your hair.

Tate:  What's that? Take a look outside the window.

Tanner: I dont recognise that van. 'Ere, someone's standing in the doorway. Better make it while you can.

Tate: (putting on coat) Back door?

Tanner: Unlocked. No.12 across the lane leaves the backdoor key under the mat....what you got?

Tate: Browning in my jeans, ammo in the Adidas with the Sterling.

Tanner: Take the Browning, dump the bag, only slow you down....and....give us the Sterling

Tate: You sure?

Tanner: Borrowed time since Madrid, Cassino...shut up and sod off sharpish

exit Tate

Door: CRASH!



Saturday 1 October 2011

Free Taffs in closeup

There was a request from Christopher for a better picture of the CAF figures from our most recent game; they are of course up in sunny Kincardineshire but here, at no extra charge are some Free Taffs who I suspect are some of the same ex-Hotspur figures. These are the very lads who gave the SAS a bit of a suprise on the road to Llandeilo back in a very early W79 game

Back row left to right, Royal Marine M&AWC, Falklands SAS x2 - the one on the right is allegedly wearing a fashionable blue parka and is in fact the character figure of Commandant Owen Owens, the one man headshead of the Armed Forces of Free Wales.

Front left, M&AWC with "66" but cut about a bit and painted as an M79, another SAS.

A very eclectic collection of kit, weapons etc and probably equipped a bit too good for the Free Taffs at this point in the Winter of '79. That said, at that time these guys were the only Free Taffs in every way. Their berets are a greyier shade of green, not the dark, almost Royal Marine green beret that my later Free Taffs wear. If you think of Wales, you may think of red for the Dragon but that colour is already taken by a rather possessive group of gentlemen from Aldershot who have highly aggressive tendencies.........

Once finished, I'll put the rest of the Free Taffs on parade, along with their Royal Marine allies, plus the now famous Free Taff gunned up Dingo scout car and a chap with an M16 and a ranger cap who is apparently an "advisor" and who anwers to "Clint".