Wednesday 24 November 2010

First painted Eureka infantry

Due to one thing or another I have had no time recently to get any painting done. But due to a nice wee bit of snow today I had some free time. Rather than slump in front of the telly I managed to paint the first squad of my Eureka infantry. I know what you are thinking the DPM jackets are guff. Unfortunately I couldn't remember what colours I had used for DPM last time. Next time I will try the colours suggested by Mark.


  1. Great miniatures. Look the dogs b----cks.
    The DPM is fine, we all looked like sh-- after a couple of days.
    What would be great is same pose, with beret and helmet fixed to the belt, thats how we carried most of the time.Sorry thinking IS situation not BCW scenarios.

    Western Australia

  2. I like that idea and easily doable with a bit of cut and shunt. Originally I had wanted other variants but the credit crunch caught up with me.

  3. How did I miss this post? They look good to me.