Thursday, 6 March 2014

Life Can Hurt

Apparently I've been running around with two cracked and a dislocated rib! How? I had a minor accident in January, still sore now in March, so went to see doctor. When I had the accident the Doctor was concerned quite rightly about concussion and we put the rest down to general bruising. Being a bloke I ignored the pain which after the first week was more of an inconvenience and on-off distraction rather than anything serious.

Anyway, picked up these 'pre-loved' painted Zulu War Brits on eBay. Heather liked the look of them and she thought they'd be good for our non-wargamer multi-player Rorkes Drift game. Done.


Update: Pain finally went away over the Easter Break.


  1. Sorry to hear that Mark, sometimes you just have no luck. My best to Heather.


    1. Hi Gavin

      Good to hear from you.

      Stuff happens. Sometimes its a good thing as it changes who you are positively.

      If I hadnt had the neurological episode and left Dropship, I would be a divorced small time figure producer. Instead, marriage stronger than ever and I was forced to rebuild my career.

      In addition, one of the side effects was losing all my personal baggage. The things that hurt from my childhood, the fears that had held me back, I had a clean slate.

      Heather's redundancy led her away from a dead end and instead is creating a bright new future for her and ultimately the two of us. It also forced me to look elsewhere which in turn tipped the hand of my employers and as a result I'm in a dream job leading a winning team.