Tuesday 17 February 2015


A quick SITREP is in order.

We've had great fun creating Lock Stock 'n Two Smoking Sterlings! So much that it has led to a full platoon level expansion we are calling Lock Stock 'n Two Smoking 'Jimpys' (GPMGs).  The Lock Stock system works so well for us that other variants are potentially on the cards.

...Two Smoking Jimpys is a game with a harder edge. More military orientated yet still character driven in an unexpected way. I've also incorporated the latest publicly published research into battlefield motivation and psychology, using. Falkland Island engagements especially Mount Longdon to test the results. Let me set expectations here and say that we have kept it firmly in mind that this is a game and should be a fun experience rather than a dry ego driven 'simulation'. Some elements I wanted to include have therefore been left on the cutting room floor. But hey! That's what blogs are for..."Heres' some advanced rules that didn't make it to the pdf!"

We've hit a set back as our artist pulled out through over-commitment and is still to hand over artwork completed to date. I think at this stage we'll go for lots of pictures of suitable period wargame figures and AFVs from our well stocked Winter of '79 collection instead.  On the plus side, a positive visit to an IP lawyer got some of our legal questions sorted.

I'm turning my attention now to the Winter of '79 Campaign Guide which looks at Britain in 1978-82, the military and non-military forces, equipment, campaign options, war gaming and modelling resources, all of which I'd like to make available at the same time as Lock Stock.... Don't hold your breath, but it is coming!



  1. Good to hear from you, Mark! The rules etc sound like they'll be FUN!

  2. Looking forward to all of it.



  3. Sounds well worth waiting for.

  4. Good news looking forward to the release, "Three Days in June" is an epic piece of work!

  5. sounds excellent, cant wait

  6. sorry, don't have any of those accounts that they need but known as wargameroz on the www

  7. Hi Mark would be interested in giving them a playtest if you fancy?? Plenty of 79 toys for pictures if required too.
    Cheers Mike

  8. Stop dam well teasing man... bated breath and all that.

  9. Thought that you might be interested in taking a look at my blog. My current project is the Falklands Conflict in 10mm: http://doandrollthedie.blogspot.co.uk/

  10. Hi there chaps, long time stalker here, I've just set up my own blog set in 1980s North East England which is also along the lines of your blog. I was just wondering if you or any of your followers could suggest appropriate 28mm miniatures for such a setting? If you could get in contact that'd be great!


  11. I got an email saying my last comment couldn't be sent so please forgive me if this posts twice!

    I've recently set up my own blog set in 1980s North East England, and I was looking at doing it in 28mm so I was wondering if any of your followers or yous yourself, could recommend any manufacturers. If so, could you please get in contact

    Cheers, Sean

  12. Sean could I suggest the Gripping Beast Falklands range. There was also a great range of BAOR figs by Mongrel miniatures. But I believe they are hard to get now.