Sunday 7 February 2016

Sandbaggers - The Game

Civil Servants for the working day, these men and women carried out their assignments in a world of departmental squabbling, uncomprehending superiors, complicated approval processes and penny pinching. Knowing that if they are caught they will be either imprisoned or put against a wall and shot. HM Government will then deny all knowledge of them. Missions matter only as part of the ongoing Cold War chess game. Welcome to Sandbaggers the game.

Click on the link for pdf version of the free Sandbaggers gamette hosted on Dropbox - Sandbaggers

This is the first of several sets of free rules and mini gamettes we will be sharing on Winter of '79 throughout February.



  1. Mark
    I never knew about this show, but some quick searching on YouTube has revealed that I have certainly been missing out. I will have to pick up the box set at the earliest opportunity.

    I assume table 2 is 2d6 rather than 1d6?
    Is East of Belgrade the final Winners and Losers paragraph? I obviously have less than "One Brain Cell" :)

    1. Hi


      Thanks for heads up - yes, 2D6.

      East of Belgrade is an add on for narrative or tabletop action involving the Sandbagger in situ. Still in process of being written up in a structured format.


  2. Thanks for sharing this, Mark. I hadn't heard of The Sandbaggers before either, but this looks to be just my sort of thing! (I must admit to liking The Professionals, but also Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy).

  3. Heard of it but never seen it! I must have been just a bit too young when it was first broadcast. Must look I up. Thanks for these rules though, very useful. Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. This Blog is a great idea-I teach this period ( or rather the real-world version) for A-Level History. Glad to see the inclusion of 'The Sandbaggers'. By coincidence I came across the series again, along with the same writer's 'Warship', while searching YouTube a few weeks ago. A great series, even if it was made for about ten quid per show. I vividly remember seeing the shocking episode when Burnside has his girlfriend, the beautiful Laura Dickens, shot, when it was originally broadcast in the late 70s. However I'd misremembered it as being at the end of the show's run, not the climactic episode of only the first series. Very atmospheric. Apparently the American graphic novel series 'Queen and Country', (which I can't say I've read) is largely inspired by 'Sandbaggers'. The author saw it on a PBS station in the 'States when he was a kid.
    Keep up the great work. Must get a copy of the Winter'79 rules to use with my Wargames club at school. I used to be a subscriber to the great 'Gauntlet' in the 1990s.