Saturday 29 May 2010

The NME Revolution

The Winter of '79 is a blog dedicated to wargaming an alternative political history of the United Kingdom following the 'Winter of Discontent' in 1978 and subsequent election of a Tory government under Margaret Thatcher in 1979.

It is inspired not at all by the popular A Very British Civil War rules, but solely due to Steve Blease's excellent blog ENGLAND PREVAILS and my own memories as a Sixth Former in 1979; of mass protests, riots and increasing tensions at heavy handed policing as seen through the eyes of  groundswell bands such as The Clash, Jam and TRB.

1979 was also a time of Airfix Magazine, British soldiers in Boots DMS and SLRs - of Scorpions, Chieftains and '432s; Saladins and Saracens, the Wessex, Scout, Gazelle and Puma.

In short, The Winter of '79 is my history and provides me with an opportunity to relive some of my youth through collecting these models again, listening to the music I enjoyed and playing out the coup/revolution that never came.


(*NME=New Musical Express)


  1. Rock on Mark ! Your usual very high quality blogging and a very interesting subject will surely make this blog extremely popular. You just need to tell us as soon as possible, what scale you plan on deploying :D

  2. This is a brilliant idea! Just stumbled across your blog and I look forward to seeing how you developed your project..