Friday, 5 April 2013

Pay and Display

Dropped into Model Zone at lunchtime and found this low relief OO scale multi-storey car park for just £24.99, down from it's more usual RRP of around fifty smackers. A good price for bringing a multi-dimentional aspect to the Winter of 79 urban battlefield. Being OO scale, it's also very suitable for 15mm modern and post apocalypse games as well.

 Back in the office, we had the first quiet day since 4th Feb, allowing me plenty of mental space to umm and ahh about whether I should buy it. With no word about the job that I was interviewed for last week,  I thought 'F. it!' So I swooped on MZ on the way to the station and stuck the multi-storey on the credit card. And why not. Great way to reboot inner city W'79.

Obviously exuding self congratulation about my purchase, I got to the station with only a couple of minutes to spare. The train was 90% full, but I made it into a seat next to D. a fellow daily commuter. I  had helped her out earlier in the week when she was struggling to complete an ISO 9001 multiple choice questionnaire. As a thanks for getting all the questions right for her, she gave me her email and offered to pass on my CV to the oil company she recruits for. Just can't beat good karma can you.

If you are a Geezers fan, remember that a multi-storey, only a bit taller than this model of course, played an important role in the 1970's classic gangster movie Get Carter, where Michael Caine kills Bryan Mosley, aka Alf Roberts by throwing him off the roof of the Trinity Car Park in Gatehead. 



  1. Congratulations and I hope this marks a renaissance in '79!

  2. Good news indeed and a great model car park too...

  3. Get Carter was on telly on Friday night, so,a neatly timed post!

  4. Mark,

    Best of wishes on the job interview and hoping Heather continues to improve. Also, nice find there with the car park!


  5. Ah Sir Donald Gosling is getting involved, he obviously is trying to under-mine the Viet-taff with Economic Warfare! Unfortunately Sir Terry Matthews hadn't yet made his money so "the people" were at the mercy of this Royalist Billionaire Car Park Building maniac!