Sunday, 12 April 2015

Glasgae Tenement

Yes, if you hanker to set Winter of '79 in Glasgow hen then you can buy laser-cut card tenement kits from the Glasgow School of Art.

Reminiscent of the tenements of Dunbarton Road, fans of Glasgow based TV crime series Taggart will already be familiar with this style of social housing traditional to the city. Assembled, the model stands 12 x 17 x 9 cm and at £25 a pop they are comparable in cost to a single Hornby/Bachman 2 up 2 down house.

I also came across Smart Models, who offer these very nice OO download and print large terrace houses (RES06) which will be familiar right across the UK. You can choose from 3 different brick styles. They also offer a range of terraced buildings plus some useful laser-cut OO windows for adding extra detail.


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  1. Don't mind me, another late-coming comment to your blog. :-)

    That tenament model is awesome! It really does look very authentic and at the price it's ideal for a wargamer looking for a nice large piece on a budet. Plus because it's connected to the Glasgow School of Art, I can feel all poncy and charitable when buying it. :-)

    The Smart Models ones definitely give me a North England sort of vibe - it mentions Newcastle on the page but my first thought was Coronation Street. :-D