Tuesday, 14 April 2015

SITREP: New Batch of RH Models Arrive!

My most recent order from Liberation Miniatures' Urban Meltdown and Falkland era Brits 1970's/80's ranges has dropped through the letter box.

There are some cracking figures here. After a quick look see through the mountain of Ziploc bags, if I had to choose, my favourites are the various Scots in Tams and Glengarry caps. More about those in a later post.

 RH Models: FalkcomG 
Command in Glengarry Cap

RH Models.... I think I may have over done it!

As usual, not one figure I can see has any discernible flash or a mould line. All the more incredible in this day and age when Rolf casts his own figures in his shed.

There's probably a few more figures here than I really need...cough.... but I like to have options and Rolf certainly provides lots of options within these growing ranges. Any extras will donate heads and weapons to the spares box or get passed along to Maff.

If I can remember where I've put that bottle of Windsor and Newton ink, I'll give them a black wash before taking photos of the miniatures from each pack code in advance of painting the figures.



  1. Was the glengarry worn in Northern Ireland? I recall seeing some old photos but I can't remember if the headwear was worn.

  2. Yes Sean, Tams as well.


    1. Cheers Mark, might pick some up for my project.

  3. Hi Mark,

    Fancy seeing some of these excellent ideas in print? Please get in touch via wayne.bollands@wargamesillustrated.net.