Sunday 14 June 2015

Go! Go! Go!

Acting on a sound intelligence that a fledgling Anarchist gang is preparing a 'Spectacular' in East Whittington High Street Parade with arms received from a dissident Irish Nationalist group, the job once again falls to Gaz and the lads to terminate the threat......

 "Teenage guerillas on the tarmac"

Saturday 2.35pm...... Anarchist supporters outside the Royal Oak begin a distraction hoping create a 'come on' for the police and security forces.

Baz in an OP on Woolworths roof gets on the Larkspur, "Guv, I see longs'".  The order is given immediately. One word... "Execute." Gaz leads Blue Team across the roof from the adjoining C&A department store.

 Gaz, goes for a vertical entry......

On the ground, Daz and Red Team burst from a GPO van and pound across the pavement to effect entry on the main door.

 Meanwhile Daz and the boys put the boot in

BANG! Door blown in. Flashbang! Result: Player on watch stunned and now reduced to 'Milling'. Daz slots him. "Clear!". Up the stairs two at a time.

CRASH! Gaz and Goucho Johnny come through the skylight. The players on the top floor hear the noise. One dashes towards the sound the other cowers behind some cover. A brief exchange of gun fire but Gaz and Goucho Johnny have the upper hand. Skills and training overcome middle class political dogma.

Daz reaches the first floor. Another Flashbang. This one is over powered. It's all over for the would-be players.It looks like the one in custody might rat on the weapon suppliers... and with plenty of time to catch the score draw results on Grandstand!



  1. Looking good - lock, stock and two smoking sterlings I presume?

  2. More evidence of a shoot to kill policy in the police and armed forces 'army of occupation' in East Whittington...

    'Skills and training overcome middle class political dogma' my a*se - more a case of proto-fascist thugs shoot young freedom fighters...

    1. Is there a post game "Politically motivated inquiries" phase in Lock, Stock, etc?

  3. Great little game and report.