Friday, 12 June 2015

On the Move!

Winter of '79 is staying where it is, instead I have 'crashed' to an alternative locale and dug in. It wasn't expected or planned for, but sometimes you have to mix life up a little. See different horizons. Breathe different air. And I have plenty of air! One of the many pluses is that my daily train commute has been replaced by this scenic walk to and from the office. Given the beach is literally minutes away from my front door, I'm making the most of the opportunity given to me to keep fit.

I'm just about settled in now and finding my stride. Winter of '79 will resume shortly, benefiting from fresh perspectives gained from these wider horizons. Naturally Lock Stock n' Two Smokin' Sterlings has been delayed, but not for long , and sometimes things happen for a good reason. Keep an eye out for some great news I have to to share with you very soon about Winter of '79 going mainstream.



  1. good on ya, changes for me too looking at moving back to Canada!

  2. Looks like a improvement in venues