Wednesday 18 November 2015

McWinter of '79

You don't have to wait till 2025 to carry the fight north of the border with the Winter of '79. Rolf at RH Models has released this nice armed civilian support pack wearing iconic Scottish headgear.

UrbUKsupscot; 3 Brens, 3 Stirling, 2 GPMG: £4.00

A bit of a SITREP is in order..... in the run up to Christmas we are going to publish no less than four Winter of '79 themed mini games on this blog. A homage to The Sandbaggers, the cracking 1970s TV spy series with Roy Marsden; an operational level 'Ops Room' game; Join The Professionals is a tongue in cheek Cold War era military career gamette; and speaking of Professionals, if you ever fancied being behind the wheel of a silver or gold Ford Capri, or even a Ford Consul GT, chasing 1970's bad guys in Rovers and S type Jags, then this Christmas you can entertain your friends and family with our fun car chase game. All that plus some more urban tabletop action too.



  1. Am really intrigued and am looking forward to the ops game one...



  2. Very excited about the scenarios!

  3. I might put a game on in December now that I am over my sidetrack into the 20s.