Thursday 28 January 2016

Cold War armour from Sgts Mess

20mm Cold War British armour fans get a boost from Sgts Mess ( latest resin models. All the staples  are there, including the full CVR(T) range built on the Scorpion FV101 chassis: 

Chieftain, Abbot, Scimitar, Scorpion, FV432, Spartan, Sultan, Samaritan, Striker, Samson.

Prices are very competitive at £6.25 for the CVR(T) range but get in quick because they are on offer at only £5.63 each. The stalwart 120mm Wombat anti-tank recoilless rifle is also available at £4.75.

Models appear to have crisp, clear lines which are perfect to enable you to add cam nets and stowage to your hearts content.

At these prices thats a Spartan troop on the cards for my Close Recce Squadrons. 


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  1. Just to report in with report of a sighting of these models at Penarth Crusade this weekend. Very nice , hard edges and all together nice bits of kit.