Friday 29 January 2016

Doomwatch: Tide of the Dead

Doomwatch was a British TV Sci Fi drama series of the early 1970's which was a sort of grown up Dr Who. Doomwatch was based on the investigations of a quasi-government scientific department who explored science driven threats to mankind. Great TV fun but dated now!

20mm RH Models Urban Terror vs Elhiem Zombies

Above, Dodgy Dan and Spider Steve hold back the Zombie hordes after the great Ormskirk OMO** factory fire. Clouds of toxic soap crystals have turned the inhabitants of this Lancashire town into blood craved savages.

H isnt well, so has taken herself off to bed. Leaving me plenty of time to unwind after a mentally strenuous week back in the office. And what better way, as I'm off the booze, than a tongue in cheek solo Zombie bash.

I originally had an idea for a game based around an army patrol chasing a shooter through the streets and alleyways or should that be Avenues and Alleyways if we're continuing the early 70's theme. I wanted something a bit more lighthearted so....Zombies. Here I used a quick and simple variant of my car chase game using a pack of cards to play a spirited game with Dodgy Dan and Spider Steve attempting to out run a large mob of Zombies and a few strays thrown in their path for good measure.

Keep an eye out for our free Winter of '79 themed rules appearing on the blog over the coming week or two.


* Tide was a soap powder brand in the 70's.
** OMO another soap powder brand. Squaddies will remember that if placed in the window of a married quarters it was an invitation (OMO = "Old Man Out").

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  1. Good to know. These days they just use the internet when the husband is down range. :)