Wednesday 18 November 2020

Five Games

Played our excellent short games set in W'79 back to back , one of which was with a house amended version of One Hour Wargames. It was really good to get my older W'79 figures on the tabletop again - mostly OOP Hotspur, with the odd RH Models here and there. 

A couple of nights later I played out a fifth game in a W'79 setting again using the Caen mat, which has taken up semi-permanent residency on my table, for a modern horror encounter using mechanisms from my own W'79 rules, replacing IEDs with the agents of Cthulu.   

The Caen mat worked surprisingly well and a few pieces of street furniture simply brought the scene to life, encouraging me to play game after game, one after the other. I couldn't lay my hands on the box with rubbish bags, bins and discarded sofas, so I'm pulling together some more for future games. Excuse the lack of photos, the lamp blew so I was lighting these scenes with a torch held overhead as I tried to take wobbly photos with my phone. A timely reminder to improve the lighting in my study in any case. 

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