Monday 2 November 2020

We’re back!

Yes, we’re back! Maff and I are kicking in the Winter of ‘79 door once again!  So grab yer kit and join us in the back of the armoured Lannie!

If Lockdown is cramping your gaming, let me recommend the Mini-Series of gamettes by Decision Games. They have a low learning threshold and can be fun to play in under an hour. They generally follow the same format so do check out user reviews on BoardGameGeek before purchasing any you might be tempted by.

Here you see a quick and dirty Winter of ‘79 conversion of Congo Merc by Decision Games set somewhere in the Welsh Borders. Congo Merc is fun and heartily recommended by me. In the standard game you ‘conduct breakneck advances into the heart of enemy territory to seize critical objectives’. The game uses a small deck of cards for generating both events and OPFOR. It wasn’t hard to create a table to replicate these with more of a W’79 theme.

In the photo above, you can see that the Authorities have deployed Armed Police plus an Undercover Asset to a riot at Clannogg. The CI5 team have identified civilians before they might have been shot, which would look bad on News at Ten.

An SAS team plus Undercover Asset are ready to deploy from Mandrake to Wrex once MI5 Sue spends an Op Move and flies in to join them.

This game was played directly on the ‘barely altered’ Congo Merc map - i just changed place names -using miniatures in place of tokens. I had wanted to play on a 1979 AA road map of the UK but couldn’t find the copy I have and it still remains AWOL to this day. 

You can of course use the game as a mini-campaign, as I have done, generating incidents that can be transferred to the tabletop, Role-played or played out on a map, as you see fit.

Note that I’m currently in the process of updating the links on this blog but it’s a real pain doing this using my phone. I hope to be finished by end of this week.


  1. And about time too, another couple of years radio-silence and I might have dicked you to be dropped from my link list! Stag-on!


  2. Great to see you back.



  3. Excellent to see you back with us!

  4. Signal received after we'd nearly given up. Systems go!

  5. Awesome! Welcome back. It's always great fun to see the recommendations you make for easy fun games with minis.