Sunday, 8 August 2010

I predict a riot.

I will be heading back to work soon and as usual haven't done a half of what I wanted to. The only unit I have had a chance to work on is my riot police. They are ex Hotspur figures which are available now through Stonewall. Apart from the Irregular figs they are the only 20mm riot police on the market so will have to do. Although I keep thinking there is something about them I just don't like. Possibly its the firearms and the uniforms very unbritish. Sorry bases aren't done as I am still trying to work out the finish I want.


  1. They cant be British riot police c1979 - they arent in normal uniforms with dustbin lids as shields! And where's the big northern bloke walking in front looking like a double hard barsteward?

  2. Ahh if only we could get those figures.

  3. Nice one Mike!