Monday, 30 August 2010

Scots Wha Hae

Bit of luck this evening. Rummaging in the garage, I found a box of  wargame bits and pieces amongst which was a handful of unpainted Britannia Miniatures WW1 Highland Light Infantry in Glengarries.

Enough to convert a section of Britannia's Cold War BAOR squaddies into a fighting patrol of 1970's Jocks.

These Jocks could salt a platoon of squaddies wearing helmets and provide some distinctly Scottish character to the force. Perhaps as Regulars of the Argyll and Malt Highlanders or a private army raised and trained on the estates of Lt-Col and ex-Member of Parliament, Colin Campbell "Mad as a Badger" McMitch. Hero of Saracen Street and what has become known as the Battle of the Sarrie' Heid.


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