Saturday, 11 February 2012


A week of major ups and downs at work made up for by Tony's new card model of Top Malo House, a bunch of ex-Hotspur Argie Buzo Tactico which arrived from Maff this morning and an 18% off selected hobby products at Maelstrom Games!

Maff also included some new 20mm 'Mercenaries' from MJ Figures. The guys in woolly hats could easily be converted into more Buzo Tactico or SAS/SBS or left as is for other more recent conflicts.

So, paint brush ahoy! over the next couple of nights. Let's see if we can get even a patched up Falklands game together for Wednesday, especially as I have the full set of Tony's Falklands buildings built and waiting for some action.

Work has been let's say, interesting. The brakes are off my project at last and we are well and truly 'welly to the metal'. The pilot is planned for the end of the month, followed by the big kick-off and then successive roll out across the organisation from the end of March. So wargamewise I'm contemplating lot's of small painting and modelling jobs that can be completed in an evening or two. This way I have something to take my mind off the day job without being too demanding if I come home wrecked.

I've not mentioned the Zulu War recently. Well, I recognised that I have to pace myself, focus, so it's firmly on the back burner till April when we are over the madness that will surround both pre and post project launch at work. However, not one to pass up a bargain, at Maelstrom Warlord 28mm plastic Zulus are just £18 and so another box may just wing it's way to me. Unmarried warriors this time - that will give me 90 or so of the buggers in total plus my existing metals. Not too shabby for a Black Powder game aimed at a scale that will fit the kitchen table.



  1. Good stuff Mark, looking forward to seeing them in action.

  2. Hang on there at work! Glad to see that you are still making process on your projects.