Sunday 19 February 2012


Maff spoke to Andrew of Grubby Tanks at a show recently. Apparently Britannia's 20mm BAOR figures were left off the new Britannia website "by mistake". Andrew said that if you know the codes, just email him and he'll get you sorted. So here they are:

BAOR 1 Nco advancing with SLR
BAOR 2 Private standing firing SLR
BAOR 3 Private running with SLR
BAOR 4 Radio Operator advancing with SLR
BAOR 5 Private advancing with SLR
BAOR 6 2 man GPMG team advancing
BAOR 7 Private kneeling firing light mortar
BAOR 8 2 man Carl Gustav team, kneeling firing
BAOR 9 3 man Platoon HQ

Maff also picked up Grubby/Britannia FV432s including a basic (closed rear hatch) variant for me. I have to say that the model is very good. The driver wearing a beret is popping his head out of the driver's hatch and cast integrally to the model itself. The vehicle commander is a separate metal casting and you can choose whether or not to have the commander's hatch open or closed.

I'm going to add a Fox turret from Shaun at S&S Models to this one and turn it into a FV432/30, to pep up the rebel armoured firepower. BTW I've always liked the 'Suffield' green/sand camouflage as in the pic below.

Rolf has almost finished a British command pack and this figure looks particularly good. I'm hoping they'll all be of this quality (and without bergans).

No game of Wednesday as Skype let us down on, and we were left without a video connection. So we are going to pick up again over the weekend and blog the results. Absolutely love Tony's model of Top Malo House and really looking forward to gaming with it.

Work went into overdrive this week, with things moving forward by leaps and bounds. We are now on the very edge of launching the online self service HR and Payroll portal that has been my personal vision and goal over the last 18 months. My aim is bring all transactional personnel and payroll processes into one online system to reduce administration overheads, increase business intelligence and improve the internal customer experience. This is not an off the shelf product but something my team is building from the ground up. I don't see this as an IT project but rather a change management one, where IT solutions are facilitating a change in the way every member of staff will interract with HR and Payroll. I hope it will empower them by shifting the balance to the employee being charge rather than being a victim of anonymous processes.

I'm sure you can understand that after being away from work due to illness last year, I'm keen to make up lost ground and prove myself, even if it is just to me. So this means I'll be engaging in a bit of 'guerrilla blogging' over the next couple of weeks whilst work becomes my main focus.



  1. I think I'm right in stating that the BATUS camouflage was used on Cyprus vehicles as well, no reason not to suppose that as the situation worsened here they might well have been rushed back and pressed into service from the ferry terminal at Marchwood!! Go on - you know you want to...


  2. Hi Hugh

    Yeah I do! Being a civil war I thkink there's good reason to paint equipment belonging to anti government forces in different paint schemes (as long as you dont want to use the in a NATO scenario). I've seen test paint schemes of the period with Tiger Stripes and a three tone Green/Grey/Brick Red disruptive camo.

    Having said that, the Berlin Urban camo is also perfect for government forces.


  3. Mark,

    Good luck at work! Don't let it over take your time too much.

    How do you Skype a miniature game? Just curious.


    1. Hi Joe

      We take it in turns to host a game. Usually no more than 2x2 -larger for Sci Fi. You hae to take into account the limited lines of sight when designing the scenario and setting out the terrain. Then position the laptop in the best possible place to get an overall picture. May need to move it during course of the action.

      The Host acts as umpire/gamemaster and talks through the scenario and game events as they unfold.

      The great thing is it focuses you on the game and you keep scenarios taught - no 3" moves to contact on an 8 foot table. No sitting back pondering every shot before you move. As host I keep things sharp and moving at pace.