Thursday 14 March 2013

No Fecking Pasaran!

A Very Craggy Civil War kicks of this week with three linked skirmishes utilising USE ME: An Eldritch Horror as the base rules for the games.

Communist Postal Workers denounce Pope Pius XI
and take hold of the Craggy Post Office. Careful now!

 Commandant Brennan eager to put down that sort of thing
is ambushed by the Craggy Flying Column.

 Outside Ireland's largest lingerie department, Papal Legionnaires
battle Ted and the Spartacist League during what has become known as 
the Post Office (it was only resting in my post office book) Putsch.

Mark & Maff


  1. Very nice! I fear for the Holy Stone of Clonrichert however.

    Where did you get the sandbag emplacements and the buildings ? They look very tasty.

  2. Thank you. Sometimes you just have to do something mad!

    The barricades are Javis and the the buildings are downloads found on the Interweb:(European City Building A)