Tuesday 26 August 2014

Plastic Squaddies: 1/72 British Infantry of the 1970's

Want Winter of '79 in a box? These 1/72 plastic Toms from A Call To Arms: British Infantry of the 1970's are just that.

So what do you get? Four identical sprues each with 8 unique figures for a total of 32 men. These are divvied up into:

4   macho officer types firing pistol
4   very macho Charlie G No.1s standing firing
4   patrolling GPMG No.1s
20 assorted riflemen with SLRs in five poses

This is essentially a platoon in a box with some left overs.  You know,  I really like these plastic squaddies.There's a lot of potential here with just the odd headswop. Plus, these figures are simply reduced versions of  Britains 54mm SuperDeetail Paratroopers which were first launched in 1978 and of course because of that they have the bang on feel of the 70's, Life on Mars and a streets of Ulster thing going on for them.

Rather than repeating others, here are links to Paul's excellent PlasticWarriors blog which shows these Toms painted as Falklands era Scots Guards and Argentine 602 Commando Company. And of course the ever interesting Bennos Figure Forum shows their compatibility with Matchbox/Revell's plastic British Paratroopers (Falklands War).

A box of each of these plastics plus some TQD-MF1 SAS Commandos from C-P Models, and you can start your own Winter of '79 shooting war.



  1. I have been looking at these models thinking just that for a while - they seem like they'd be good with my own rules Some Corner of a Foreign Field.

    As a long-term follower of your blog I'd be happy to send you a copy if you get in touch at infoatmorningstar AT gmail DOT com.

    1. Thanks Matt!

      They look tasty. Will get figures on table to try them out Thursday or Friday this week and blog the results.


  2. May have to pick up a box for old times sake- I had those Britains figures as a kid....



  3. I just re-purchased the old Matchbox Nato Paratroopers just so I could pair them up with these. They look nice and animated.

  4. The best thing about these blokes are the handle bar mo's. Nicely detailed and good molds.