Saturday 6 September 2014

Enfilade Figures: 20mm Cold War & Moderns

Let me introduce you to Enfilade Figures based in Germany. Robert is a great guy and is new to figure sculpting. I like his stuff, which is very reminiscent of early figures by Matt over at Elhiem.

Painted Enfilade Figures 20mm SAS
 (from the Enfilade webshop)

Robert initially caught my eye on his Rifles and Muskets blog, where he was previewing his 20mm Cold War SAS. Perfect I thought for Winter of '79!

 Enfilade Figures 20mm SAS
(from Rifles and Muskets blog, used with permission)

Robert also sculpts Cold War and Modern Insurgents, Germans, Taliban SADF and more. A second set of Cold War SAS are on the way. Worth taking a look.

I like the very natural human flow to many of his figures, so I've given Robert some encouragement together with an order including three packs of this initial Cold War SAS release. I'll review the Cold War SAS fully on Winter of '79 once they arrive next week.

Check out Enfilade Figures range here.


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