Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Building Bridges

Painting a bridge I bought several weeks back on eBay from Fenris Games. It's perfect as a small back roads stone bridge somewhere in Wales or similar, wide enough (35mm) to take an Airfix 1/76 Scorpion and you could just squeeze a standing 20mm figure under the arch.

The model is 14cm long, lightweight and flawlessly cast. It has been cast in two pieces lengthwise down the centre of the roadway, which gives you the opportunity to widen it without too much effort, should you need to. Better yet, it fits onto one of East Riding Miniatures' medium sized Laser Cut Terrain Templates if you want to create a small stream diorama. 

All in all, a lovely little model. It comes in a grey-green resin that to be honest, can be drybrushed and off you go (Maff will like to hear that!). Despite the fact it's now £7.99, given that you could definitely use it for 28mm and even 15mm as well, this small humpback bridge makes for a very attractive and versatile addition to your tabletop.


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