Sunday 26 August 2012

Industrial units

Picked up this OO gauge Hornby Factory Unit on eBay for £12. Some chain link fencing, a parking lot, piles of pipes, a skip or two, wayward pallets and it's an industrial estate in it's own right.

You can extend further with versaitle elements a Portakabin, stacked containers, and add a gatehouse. Knightwing offer plenty of accessories that can populate your scene and give it that grungy 'lived in and worked in' look.

Low relief  industrial buildings can be added to at least two sides to improve the aspect of your playing area whilst increasing it's size with judicial use of additional skips (recommend those from The Scene), piles of oil drums, industrial rubbish and the odd parked van, fork-lift etc.

I previously picked up a Hornby Compressor House that was going for a song at Model Zone. With or without the compressor tank it gives a 1970s look to any industrial estate and also ring the changes. On it's own it can become the centre piece of a Council depot with just a few additional sheds and scatter items from those listed above.Perfect for Winter of 79, Geezers and the odd Zombie apocalypse..



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