Monday 13 August 2012


The London Olympics - simply bloody amazing! You don't have to be a sportsman or woman in any shape or form to have been inspired by some truly wonderful examples of human spirit.

The closing ceremony last night was magnificent. Though it ran a bit like a school disco with the science teacher who fancies himself as a disc jockey in charge of the record player. You know, where everytime everyone is up enjoying themselves, he plays one of 'his' favourites which empties the dancefloor. Jesse J, Eric Idle (showing my age), and of course The Who, made for a cracking finale!

There are two faces to London 2012. The hope and glory of the Games, yet running in parallel, there's also the sad story of Tia Sharp, 12, murdered. Regardless of the procedural rights or wrongs by the Met. They found her body and got the bloke. The 'human error' that prevented them from finding Tia's body straight away, at the end of the day, ensured that Tia's life connected with millions when it could so easily have been just a few column inches of news type lost amongst the daily onslaught of Gold, Silver and Bronze.

I'm glad to have had the opportunity to watch these games. To be inspired. Tia saw the opening ceremony but her life was take before she could enjoy last night's spectacle. Today I woke a different person.



  1. Well said. I know what you mean about the school disco thing. In many ways that made it feel all the more comfortable and enjoyable.

  2. I agree with your sentiments Mark. I will not go into my feelings on Tia and her family but it is a crying shame amid all the glory.

    Take Care.