Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Call of Duty: The Tiger of Zlatava

2005... Breakaway Russian Republic of Belomorkanal. MVD troops have identified the hideaway of Michkael Zauszage, the infamous Tiger of Zlatava.

 Two of the Tiger's henchmen.

 Clearing the village. A slow and painful task moving house by house.

MVD take casualties from an RPG.
Another fire team breaks left using cover of the trees.

 Must keep an eye on these heroes!
They've outflanked the village and gunned down several henchmen

Run to ground (window, top right), the Tiger is caged!
He rolls high and takes his own life in a futile gesture of defiance

Another cracking game. Really enjoyed this one. I used a classic solo wargaming technique of generating additional henchmen when the MVD moved into a possible arc of fire for the first time.

Roll a single die looking for a result equal to or below the number rolled. Eg 1 if guy pops his head round a corner and a 1 is required (from each possible enemy location). 2 guys = 1,2 etc. Therefore four guys rushing across a street are more likely to draw fire. By drawing fire you created an enemy in that location.  Snipers can roll against their Bottle/Elan to hold their fire for a high value target. Simple, effective.

Entering unoccupied buildings had a further refinement. Low roll = safe. High roll = Booby Trap/face to face encounter. Any building with a roof or full upstairs was treated as another building and could trigger another encounter.

Figures: RH Miniatures
Terrain: CJ's World



  1. Great stuff again- like your solo wargaming techniques too.



  2. I had not heard of the USME rules, I may have to check them out!

  3. I just ordered them myself....I am so weak. So very weak.